Bitch Planet #2 Review

writer:Kelly Sue DeConnick / artist: Valentine De Landro / Image Comics

Got that Bitch Planet in Rotation! Issue two of this highly anticipated series was finally released this week and I couldn’t be happier to finally pick it up today and read it. So to backtrack back to issue one: the silent but deadly Kamau tried in vain to save Marian, another new prisoner but ultimately wasn’t able to save her. She was lost to a system that quietly and quickly snuffed out her life and swept it under a rug.

Here is where we get the “world building”, this is also where we start to get more character introductions. Issue two opens to a high class party with more old , rich white men than, dare I say, Congress?  A room full of the leaders of the free world, the leaders of society, the ones who serve them and everyone else in between. It is here that we see a familiar face: Solanza. Roberto Solanza who had a personal hand in the matter of making poor Marian Collins disappear and God knows how many unfortunate souls.  A chance meeting puts Solanza just in the right space with just the right person…


FullSizeRender (1)


Back on the prison planet, Kamau has been in what I’m guessing is an  isolation room. Girl might as well be kin to Emma Frost, cause she’s made of the hardest stuff: diamonds–She’s been awake for eighteen hours straight in a room with holographic tiles everywhere





She’s being accused of murdering Marian Collins and has been subjected to this treatment to seek out an confession which she ain’t giving cause she ain’t did the deed.  What’s interesting?  See see our first female prison guard and the very first actual woman in the prison that’s not an inmate or modeled after one as one of the (still very errie and pink) holographic “guides”. She has a proposition for Kamau: one that she thinks she’s well suited for but our girl ain’t biting.


Tiny fraction of Kamau Kogo’s backstory? Check.


Kamau assemble your crew. Squad Up, Bitch Planet style. Next Issue Penny Rolle on Deck.

Lastly, Can I just say how much I love the essays in the back? No really, this month, there a great written piece on the misconceptions of feminism in today’s culture written by Tasha Fierce. She doesn’t shy away from the topic of intersectionality either. Speaking of feminism that is intersectional—this is our second essay in the back pages of Bitch Planet that features a writer that is a woman of color and it’s well worth reading. Bitch Be With You, till the next issue.



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