Black Canary #6 Review

Writer: Brenden Fletcher / Artist: Annie Wu / DC Comics

Here’s the deal, Batman by Snyder and Capullo is probably still DC’s best book, even with the dramatic turn in narrative that book has taken. DC’s second best book? I mean, I’ll hear your argument, I really think it’s gotta be Black Canary. This book is EXCELLENT. The re-invention of Dinah leading a rock band, but still kicking ayebody’s ass when needed has been a fun and potent balance in the story telling. After Bo Maeve, her new scream and her new band arrived up in Black Canary’s personal space last issue, this was the battle of the bands we were promised. And it does not disappoint. Not only do the bands eventually battle, but as you might imagine, they literally battle. In the middle of this is the deepening mystery concerning Ditto, where she came from or how she came to be paired with Dinah.

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Also, Annie Wu is amazing on this issue. Coupled with the color by Lee Loughridge some of these panels are incredible to look at, especially when the battle itself begins. The way she draws Dinah with her strength, empowerment and fortitude is inspiring to say the least. I really dig the story, but the art on this book is the main draw that keeps me looking forward to this book each month.

You should really read Black Canary. It’s good, strange, affirming and unique. It combines a lot of different storytelling elements while still maintaining the spirit of the Black Canary character.

9.5 Blown Out Amps out of 10

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