BNP Ladies Present: Our Favorite Female Video Game Characters [The Women of Soul Calibur]

Illustration by Yves-José Malgorn

An idea was kicked around with the women of BNP about writing a bit on our favorite characters from video games. Usually a male dominated fandom and work place, it’s still great to hear from other women about the women they loved to play as, play against and see. From the days of old school video games consoles like the Atari to the to all these next-gen consoles there have been women within these worlds that we lived through and admired every time we picked up a controller, went to an arcade or even rocked with the PC version. NPC or main cast member. Teen or grown woman or tiny child. Summoner, Gunner, Hired Killer, Undead Baddie, Corporate Spy or even leader of a revolution: there are so many favorites. Here’s an entry in a series of us womenfolk writing about the womenfolk that ultimately have to be credited in making the experience of playing that particular game one to remember.


[title type=”h4″]Soul Calibur IV’s Female Cast[/title]

Because I’m a goddamn over-achiever and because my love for this game is boundless as the sea, I’m rolling with the full female lineup of Soul Calibur IV. Why IV? It has most of my favs and 4 is one of my lucky numbers. Good enough? Wunderbar! Here we go!

[title type=”h4″]Amy Sorel[/title]
This pint-sized rapier wielder reps for France and her adopted dad Raphael. Don’t let her cute gothic ruffles, frills, and pigtails fool you, home girl packs a little punch. Although not great with Ring-Outs, Amy speeds into combos that let her take down larger, slower opponents easily. Plus it feels great to beat Astaroth’s giant ass with a cute girl in fishnets, combat boots, and sausage-curl ponytails.


[title type=”h4″]Cassandra and Sophitia Alexandra[/title]
These Greek sisters both come armed with a sword and shield to wax that ass. Each is quick to toss you around the ring, though Sophitia’s throws mostly involve her butt. It’s at least entertaining to see dudes get uncomfortable when your character throws her hoo-ha in his character’s face before beating half the life out of him. Ah, good times man, good times.

[title type=”h4″]Hildegard “Hilde” von Krone[/title]
The German princess reigns as the most clothed female character in this game (a challenge the animators set for themselves…okay, guys whatever works). Decked out in a full suit of armor (helmet optional. I told you homegirl is FULLY covered) and armed with a spear and short sword, Hilde knocks your ass out of the ring no problem. She’s not as quick as some other characters but she makes up for it in sheer might, straight bodying mofos off the level. Oh, you thought we were fighting to a KO? My bad.


[title type=”h4″]Isabella “Ivy” Valentine[/title]
The most iconic of all Soul Calibur characters due to her notoriously skimpy costume, this British lady (she’s literally British nobility guise) is also the hardest fucking character to master. Her snake sword gives her flashy and effective close-combat and long-range attacks AND half her moves just add a humiliation factor. I dream of the day I master Ivy’s moves but I also like living my life so…that may not be in the cards…


[title type=”h4″]Seong Mi-Na[/title]
Korean badass with a bladed halberd (a wal do in Korean and a zanbatou in the game), Mi-Na is all the fun of Kilik in a much prettier (and pettier) package. Wielding one of the longest weapons in the game, she’s amazing for pitting against a close-combat fighter although she’s harder to master than Kilik. She’s also got one of the most powerful unblockable moves in the game and and looks cute doing it. One day my locs will be long enough to rock that ponytail…expect to see my zanbatou immediately after.

[title type=”h4″]Setsuka[/title]
She’s from somewhere (obligatory blonde lady raised in Japan…) and busts dudes up with the blade stashed in her parasol. That sold me, I don’t know about the rest of y’all. I’ll be honest, whenever I pick her I always go for the version with Black hair. Blonde Setsuke sets off my whitewashing alarm. *shivers*

[title type=”h4″]Taki[/title]
The Ninja. Did you know Soul Calibur had a ninja? No! (Well you probably did but whatever) Taki is the second easiest character to fight with and is only second because she’s a close-combat fighter to Kilik’s long-distance fighter. But once you get the hang of her…babaaaay it’s on! I’m talking twin kodachi, ninjutsu skills, fucking TELEPORTATION! Taki is the one. Plus her bodysuit is mad cute.

[title type=”h4″]Talim[/title]
My favorite sweet baby! The Philipina stunna rocking the tonfa blades/eskrima sticks, I always play most of my rounds as Talim. She’s acrobatic, quick, and moves like a dancer, all things I’d like to think I’d be capable of as a fighter. Plus, like with Amy, nothing brings me joy like bodying dudes with a cute girl with pigtails. She also has the sweetest “taunts”. Like Talim is such a nice winner. She’s my precious cinnamon roll! *wraps her in a blanket and gives her hot cocoa*


[title type=”h4″]Tira[/title]
This wild-woman and her hoola-hoop of death / Ring Blade. Like a like Tira because she’s unpredictable and vicious in a beautifully feminine way. But she can kill herself, y’all. All that power and flash is no good if I’m just gonna beat MYSELF to death. I’ll still fight with her (just like I fight with self-Ring-Out king Maxi) but I’m reeeeeeeal careful. She’s fun to pull out midway through demolishing every opponent in the room, just to show ‘em I’m not to be fucked with. Bless.

[title type=”h4″]Chai Xianghua[/title]
My jian sword-wielding cutie from China. Xianghua is a friggin joy to fight with. She’s not for button-mashers. She switches between moves like it’s nothing so you may fool around and never get to an attack. Her speed makes her another combo master and keeps her unpredictable. I just love the grace and stylization of her attacks. Plus she’s an asshole when she wins. Just like me.

My Create-a-Soul Dancer – The only goddamn time I’d get a Black woman in this game because all my created characters are Black. Fight me. I’d always pick the Dancer job because it lets me whip ass with tambourines!


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