Captain America and The Mighty Avengers #9 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Luke Ross / Marvel

As the saying goes, all good places where the atmosphere be so black / POC must come to an end. We are seeing how the incursion is hitting the Mighty Avengers. Each individual member of the team is handling the end of the world in their own way. Some are with family (The Cage Family & PowerMan 2.0) while others are still hitting the streets and going strong (White Tiger). A really big portion of this story revolves around Monica Rambeau and how far she is willing to go to save Earth-616. The measure of how powerful she truly is comes into full view as Monica straight-up has the ability to shut this whole crossover the fuck down.

monica shut it down

The true biggest portion of the book is from the volunteer members of The Mighty Avengers. They come off in the spotlight hard-as-fuck as they are still working the phone lines and trying to help folks even as the world is ending. We see them give up their own safety and time to spend with family for the sake of others. Ross was ink gawd on all these pages as they show true sincerity and the scope of the situation (which is mofos about to freakin die). We’ve seen some of the volunteers shine before but this straight up and down depicts that they are have just as much of a right to call themselves (Mighty) Avengers as any of the field operatives. Ewing truly knocked this goodbye out of the park for this series. It’s so sad to see this go and wonder if any of these folks will be on a team during or post Secret Wars. This was truly a book Marvel needed to have out. And I’ma just say it, this book was Black as fuck and we ain’t had one repping that in THE LONGEST at Marvel.

If these folks ain’t brought back together in some form or fashion we’re going to have a problem. I’ma let Danielle Cage tell ya how I feel about anyone keeping this squad down when they just about started reinventing the wheel for representation for this major publisher.

poopy man


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