Champions #1 Review

Writer: Mark Waid / Artist: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olzaba, Edgar Delgado / Marvel Comics

[quote_simple]”I was taught when there’s somethin’ you can change around
Keep quiet, you got nothin’ to complain about. You got work to do.”-Yasiin Bey[/quote_simple]

I been waiting to shout “The champ is here!” once this book dropped. Civil War II has ended (although we dunno the ending as it wasn’t shipped on time) and we are in the fallout of this major Marvel event. We see things are as bad as they’ve ever been as the resident cinnamon bun Ms. Marvel reflects on the events that lead her to leave the Avengers. Kamala is getting that character growth as soon as we see her under Mark Waid’s watch.

Waid is one of the best writers at building characters up and we see him adding layers upon the Parthenon G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphonsa’s work. Kamala has been getting fed up with the way the status quo has been doing things and we see the fangirl take a stand as she gets Miles and Sam to reach the realization that even though they aren’t reppin’ The Avengers anymore, they still the truest young guns to do it. The 6(16) still needs them without the red tape and protocols The Avengers come with.


Waid has these heroes in some straight up serious ass conversation on how they’re going to navigate in their hero careers but the humor and heart are still injected within these characters. Rightfully so as it’s a huge aspect of what makes them so appealing as they are still teens. We see the heroes gather more to their cause in Amadeus Cho and then the Vision’s daughter Viv. The book moves at a quickly establishing (what we can guess) will be the core of the team but the pacing doesn’t feel rushed in the least, and the characters are a friend of a friend organically. I enjoy seeing the teens of the Marvel universe remembering run-ins with one another in their series crossovers and maintaining that friendship behind the scenes.

Humbertos art is a great match-up for this series. We saw more of Victor Olzaba and Edgar Delgado art in here through flashbacks as well, which set a different tone between the fall out with The Avengers which comes across looking very grit filled and rigid(fucking loved that) and the softer colors and look of our heroes in present day. There was a lot of action and movement this series as well, but the kicker is the call to arms at the end of the issue. We truly see Ms. Marvel step up and step out in this issue, especially considering the real ass emergency this team faced in their first outing. The look across all the other young heroes shows that we are no longer with just Ms. Marvel, Miles, and Sam being legacy heroes as we now have an entire generation of legacy slot heroes.


The status quo has changed folks. I’m hoping that it continues to do so moving on with this book. We still have to see some characters join as well as see what other villains they’ll face off.

9.3 Smells like Teen Spirit Shirts out of 10

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