Champions #14 Review

Writer: Mark Waid / Artists: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba / Marvel Comics

There will be big spoilers in this review.
If you haven’t read Champions #14 yet, I suggest your turn way now. You were warned.

Part four of the crossover with The Avengers comic proceeds in Champions #14. We pick right up with the revelation of Viv’s evolution. That shit caught me hella off guard but it was my favorite part. The High Evolutionary transformed Viv into a flesh and blood human.

I wasn’t expecting Viv to be portrayed as a woman of color, which was a great surprise. High Evolutionary’s plan has become more unraveled by the Champions and the veil has been lifted. We’ll see if there will be lasting repercussions of this adventure. I’m assuming we’ll find out if this will be a permanent look for Viv as the story concludes.

The fun moments of this issue are Amadeus Cho and Nadia Pym throwing their rankings in smarts around casually. This crossover doesn’t really have the feel of a major adventure as opposed to a filler one. You need to read the corresponding parts of the story in Avengers to get the full scale of the tale.

Even if this feels like a quick filler story, Ramos’ art along with Olazaba’s make this book look good, man. I love the way the characters are drawn and all the colors. Ramos has a great knack for drawing action scenes and heroes using their powers. Olazaba’s colors bring all of that to life.

Again, it’s cool to see these two teams crossing over but I’m already ready to get back to that Champions-led storyline. No more features till The Champions take care of their loose ends.

7 Melanin Glow-Ups out of 10

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