Champions #6 Review

Writer: Mark Waid / Artist: Humberto Ramos / Marvel Comics

I don’t know how many of y’all fucked with NBC’s Community, but Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos delivered the Marvel version of the fist full of paintballs episode. This shit is glooooooorious. The series opens up with the people all around the globe building up the community, taking self-defense classes, and uplifting the block, all while sporting the Champions’ insignia. Ya team and dem has gone viral and if we slanging that slang, “it’s Lit”. Avengers gotta be stink-facing at that shit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.53.04 PM

The scene then shifts to another team building exercise where our heroes decided to take up paintball. After a vote on whether to use powers or not [of course powers wins] shit gets underway and it is all out glory. Nova sets a plan in motion for him, Spidey, and Hulk to implement while Cyclops, Ms Marvel, and Viv lay out a strategy to exploit the other teams probably motion of attack. I fuck with this so heavy because we are seeing team building as opposed to everyone just going out and automatically working together.

I’m a huge stickler for seeing all the growth and attention to detail on page and not off panel. We see how everyone’s strengths, powers, and weaknesses can be exploited just by a game of paint ball. The team is learning about one another which will be useful information for future battles. Yo, poor Cyclops, man. Nova clapped ya mans cause his peripherals is trash and Scott was already ready shouting “I knooooooow!” I was dying but again I never thought about Summer’s sight being a weakness to exploit (due to the visor).

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.54.31 PM

Of course the Champions actions have brought on a response from private corporations trying to shut all these protests down. The Freelancers are introduced and instantly display the type of fuckshit that they’re on. Ramos’ does the art game proud in the paintball action and in introducing these new villains. Ramos art status vibrant as a unique signature style you can point out on sight. He keeps the kids looking the perfect balance of young adult.

Champions is coming on strong and building up opposition for this team. I gotta point out how similar this is to Sam Wilson’s title where he is dealing with a private cop policing unit causing angst and discriminating. We are getting more stories indicative of the present regime in play over jere in the states. Art is not being subtle at all about imitating life anymore.

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9.8 Dads Joining In on the Fun till Someone Starts Crying out of 10

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