Cinemax’s Quarry Brings Us Back To The Noire Grime We’ve Been Missing

[quote_simple]”Death isn’t complicated. Death just a switch that gets flicked off” [/quote_simple]

Listen man, Cinemax is not out here playing games with yall anymore. That should have been evident with Banshee that we covered. Banshee gave us a fresh take on a modern era noire for four great seasons. Now with Banshee gone and Game of Thrones soon to be completed as well, a void has opened up and Cinemax is coming for that brass with their new show Quarry. We’re thrown back into the post-Vietnam 70’s as we follow veteran marine Mac “Quarry” Conway’s (Logan Marshall-Green) return home. Mac finds himself alienated for his part in the war and then involved in a seedy underworld of contract killing and corruption.

Dude, I am a complete sucker for stories where our main protagonist is a shunned good guy that’s left with few opportunities and options forcing them to go back to another side of them that’s colder and bout that 187 (murder). We are going to follow Mac through his PTSD of the Vietnam war, how America was against it, and then the treatment of the veterans that served. Matt is basically left to fend for himself as society starts to shut him out and we see a character only known as The Broker (Peter Mullan) come in wanting to give Mac a way to make ends meet using the abilities that got him through the war.


[quote_simple]”I’m not going to tell you that we’re doing the world a service… but we’re doing the world a service.”[/quote_simple]

This is my kind of shit right here, this is that deep down in the muck gutta shit. That one hunned percent uncut Black ops raw hard shit. I love seeing a character conflicted through what they’ve been through and struggling to find some sort of peace with the way things are for them in the world. The series is also taking place in the south just few years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., dealing with de-segreation and rampant racism in the south. You know I’m diggin’ this shit right here, then I see Quarry’s friend Arthur is a fellow marine and played by Jaime Hector from The Wire?! What? Marlo up in this piece man?! I’m in. Shut up and take my viewership for ratings, yo! I’m ’bout it!


This show stems from a book series that was written by Max Allan Collins who also wrote the series The Road to Perdition (which became a film starring Tom Hanks). If yall don’t know, Road To Perdition is nothing BUT the hard shit. Which means Quarry is going down that same dark road. Also, if you needed more incentive to catch the show, Greg Yaitanes who did the lawd’s work directing on Banshee is directing this show as well. Yo, listen to me when I tell you the cinematography and shots in Banshee were nothing short of trill. Quarry has the same look as Banshee but is worlds different with less humor and more of a tunnel vision perspective on just how fucked shit really is out here.

The first of eight episode airs on Friday, September 9th. We will mos def be watching this show and checking out its game plan for a season two. Quarry already has a bunch of appeal based off the quotables from the trailer, the gritty look of the show’s lead, and the powder keg era of America that the show takes place in. We just gotta see now how the show cashes in on the buzz. Don’t sleep, we think we might have ourselves another hit with this one.

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