Civil War II #4 Review

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: David Marquez / Marvel Comics

Civil War II is only seven issues but it’s difficult to figure out if that’s not enough or too much. For a full-scale event with the significance that a CiviL War-level arc is supposed to have, seven isn’t enough. But what we’ve gotten on the page feel stretched out.

To have a successful event where two sides are pit against each other, they have to both have something worth fighting for that they’re 100 percent sure of. Civil War II #4 completely ignores that rule and carries on as if one entire side of the argument wasn’t just thrown on its head.

Tony Stark and Carol Danvers have been on opposing sides of two connected issue. Can this new Inhuman really see the future or just a possible future? Also, whether it’s a guaranteed or highly probably future, is that enough to proactively prevent events from happening when no crime has actually been committed.

Up to this point, Civil War II has been admittedly slow outside of a couple shocking moments that seem to have been done simply for that reason. This issue picked up the pace at the event’s middle point and leads to the inevitable big face-off. But here’s the issue. There’s no reason to be fighting at this point. One side knows they’re wrong and are just fighting for the sake of being sore losers.

Will the fight be epic? Probably. Will someone of note probably die or be seriously injured again? Likely. Will it be worth all of the legwork just for the ball to be dropped at the 50-yard line? Doubt it.

There’s sure to be a twist or two coming later on to justify the means here by raising doubt where certainty appears to exist. But it looks like the characters have been painted into a corner that it’s going to be difficult – but, not impossible – to get out of.

Tony Stark’s monologue delivered well, as they’re prone to, and hearing about the world’s politically charged views of the superheroes that protect them was appropriate, given the current election season. Also, David Marquez’s art is stunning. But, still, it wouldn’t feel right to give this issue an above average score at this point.

6.5 Empty Briefcases out of 10

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