Convergence: Green Lantern / Parallax #2 Review

Writer: Tony Bedard / Art: Ron Wagner, Bill Reinhold / DC Comics

It’s hard times for Kyle Rayner as this week’s issue deals a lot with him being the rookie on the job and having to put his trust in folks to do the right thing. Those folks being Hal Jordan (who has Parallax talkin’ that talk to him again) as well as the opponent he is facing in order for his own city to survive. Bedard brings us back to vintage Kyle Rayner as we see his faith in others being the element that separates him from all of his Green Lantern brethren.

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Wagner and Reinhold’s art really does make it feel like this is taking place years prior, as I mentioned in the first issue. Their style reminds me of Jack Kirby a bit and I feel like I’m reading a throwback/homage to the art of the earlier era of comics. It’s a modern take on the art that I appreciate very much.

There are a lot of explosions and fighting happening this issue as well as tough calls being made by Kyle and Hal. This issue serves as a great display as to how different these two characters really are and which roads they will take in order to secure safety for those they have sworn to protect. It’s experience vs faith in this issue and you gotta read it to find out the winner folks.


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