Days Of Hate #10 Review

Working With Mercury

Writer: Ales Kot / Artist: Daniel Zezelj / Image Comics

Days of Hate *Key & Peele voice* is my shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet!

Ales Kot & Art team are back with that heat for these comic book streets! Days Of Hate #10 brings us two issues from the end of a twelve-part limited series that has been a tense, political nail-biter from page one of the first issue. If you have been watching the news or scrolling your social media timeline then a lot of what is happening there is reflected here to great effect.

Told as three stories that meld into one with a well-designed aesthetic: three panels laid across each page. Each panel giving a strand of the story from the perspective of Agent Freeman, Huan, and Amanda. The aesthetics are on point! DoH’s artistic team has a vision directly in line with Ales Kot’s writing and the synergy is incredible. The design of the paneling gives way to the trademark dramatic close-ups and drives home the whole shebang. Somehow, the finer points of espionage, domestic terrorism, and xenophobia are humanized by the style.

Tight and sparse writing from Kot makes issue DoH #10 a streamlined narrative that reads like three separate sniper shots converging on a single target. At the same time. No filler, all killer. Form and function come to a fixed point here, all parts are executed clearly. Days of Hate is the Bret Hart of comic titles, ‘the excellence of execution’. Y’all, the twist at the end gives more gravity to the story and more gravitas to the real world politics at play in the story.

In a fashion all its’ own, Days of Hate makes it do what it do. At ten issues deep, it still presents relevant media to consume alongside it from across the spectrum of media.

9 curious toddlers out of 10

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