Dead of Winter #4 Review

Writer: Kyle Starks / Artist: GABO / OniPress Comics

First five pages in and we know what road we’re taking: our rag tag group of survivors have to get on one accord to be on #TeamGetsShitDone and the stakes have been raised. There’s a friend to rescue, his obviously cracked and hilariously named captor who is a endgame baddie to beat, and the undead are still doing their Fitbit device testing. Can you say obstacles and God awful circumstances, much? Epic conclusion, here we come:

What does work in this issue? The serving of hard hitting truth and determination with comedic jokes popping off to make you chuckle as always, as what has carried us from issue number one. Starks knows what he’s doing in this department. He is comfortable and the back and forth between characters works. The glimpses of who these people were before the apocalypse, before the world went to hell, have shined in great spots throughout the mini series, which is difficult to do with only so many issues to pen. This issue is no different and it’s legit. What can I say? The man is consistent.

On the art side GABO delivers the action in some some well timed panels where the pacing flows fluidly with the adrenaline rush happening. All the sound effects and additional pieces that pop up are executed very well and look great on the page. In past issues I’ve made comments about the art but here, there are way more panels that go deeper on the details and they stand out in many action shots illuminating the danger present. We’re given a vivid display of the violent nature of the new world and how dire it is for us to see our survivors and dog win.

With an ending that was a tear jerker for many and all reasons, Dead of Winter was a treat to read as a whole. Granted there is only so much you can do with a a mini series, the creative team has accomplished creating a fun read with a lovable yet badass dog, some unique looking zombies that made me squirm and that Kyle Starks brand humor that I’ve come to recognize and love that includes those fantastic one liners.

I also have to note that this was a great piece of medium to use to introduce folks to table top gaming from which this comic was based off of; Plaid Hat’s smash hit. I’m looking forward to purchasing it and rounding up my brothers to try a game this holiday season with something new for sibling beat down time family time.


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