Nightwing #33 Review

Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Javier Fernandez / DC Comics

The Raptor’s Revenge storyline has been a fun, nothing-is-off-the-table arc that leans on surprises and callbacks. Last issue, Grayson thought he was just doing his nine to five gig until Thriller broke out. This issue mostly takes place in the casino, where Nightwing is trapped with all the monsters hopped up on Blockbuster. This issue gives us the team up we expected with Blockbuster himself. Roland has watched his place of business become Mad Max Thunderdome and he’s got some feelings about that.

Monsters In The Building

There are some good moments throughout this issue, including Raptor and Pigeon’s moment of understanding and pain. The biggest highlight of this issue is Roland. Watching him try to be reasonable and reactive while teaming with Nightwing is expected but there’s a false sense of security and even passive aggressive responses that add a layer of depth and nuance to the character. He’s still a bad guy with a twisted sense of duty and morality to be sure. But it’s nice seeing the many sides of his personality and his reluctance to admit how he needs Nightwing in this issue.

Fernandez has consistently been good on pencils for his time on the book. The fight scenes are kinetic and hectic the way you would expect a fighting trapeze hero to be. The monsters are legitimately creepy and intimidating, showing that Nightwing and others have to be on their A game to deal with them. Fernandez also holds it down with portraying intimate and important emotional moments. The genuine look of shock to everyone once the end game is revealed feels relevant and applicable of Raptor’s impact in this arc.

In the penultimate issue of Raptor’s Revenge, we get the master plan. We have clearly drawn lines after Raptor told us his motive last issue. All that remains to see is how Nightwing saves the city, who will help him and ultimately if he’s still going to leave.

8.9 Lockdown Sequences Initiated out of 10

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