Deadpool #5 Review

Writer: Skottie Young // Artist: Scott Hepburn // MARVEL

Your Halloween DP Is Served

Deadpool #5 was so different ya’ll. I’m not even joking. I was so confused to how we got here. I understood that this was close to Halloween but it felt like a different kind of vibe. The great news is that this comic is of course still funny and blunt, and the art is still fun to admire. Readers can still get the read that lightens up their week and give off that good ol’ knee slap. The bad news is, I’m not looking for something to be the deepest comic in the world but the plot felt like set ups and hit lines. (Which is great and I enjoy plenty of comedy that utilizes that kind of content, you know when I’m expecting that). But, this issue gave us 5 grains of plot and then took a break from it.

If Deadpool #5 was going for a sitcom vibe I definitely approve. We got the classic formula. Our beloved protagonist, an issue, resolution, and a generous amount of humor spread out to lift the flavor. I will admit that the humor gave me that double chin “hehe”, but it didn’t really push the narrative forward. For future issues I will be looking forward to seeing comedy break barriers.

Spooky DP Topped With Artistic Cilantro

For the art, Hepburn continues to add the extra kick of humor that brightens up the lines. It’s extremely geometrical which at first I was put off by. Then it gradually grew on me and became one of my favorite aspects of the comic because it contrasted the fluidity of the dialogue. The art style in Deadpool #5 gave me experimental simplicity. It didn’t move too far from strokes and shapes that seem attainable. But what it did, was take that simplistic vibe and gave it something definable. It felt extremely calculative almost like a general sketch drawing. I enjoyed the contrast that was present because it gave the piece body to work with.

The first arc of Deadpool 2018 was one to admire and came with a mixture of emotions. It stole the show and then left me lost. It created obnoxious belly laughs and then made me cringe in the next. The Young-Hepburn team has set their foot in soil that will continue to grow. I am excited to see what emerges in the second arc. The new contrasts and new knee slaps.

8.4 Spooky Slicers out of 10

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