Deadpool #7 Review

Throwing Hands with Santa

Writer: Skottie Young // Artist: Nic Klein // Marvel

Ho Ho Ho, Another Murder

This is great, I’ve always wanted Deadpool to go on an adventure to kill Santa Claus. I think this is the most festive Deadpool comic I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a fun comic thats a cross between Rudolph ears and a Grinch costume, this is what you need to read. Young giving me a Claus vs. Pool match of these hands is a great break from “the feels.” Ironically, I shouldn’t be surprised as a frequent DP reader, but honestly they brought some presents for issue #7. Young has brought the salty soup of my childhood to and decided to drop a mercenary in it. This issue is for the salty holiday folks, who like their hot chocolate with a side of fully loaded glocks.

Deadpool #7 Inside

I hope to see the surprise factor I enjoyed so much with this in future issues. Since Deadpool is usually so unpredictable to the point that he is predictable, it might be hard to do that. I find that in other takes of Wade Wilson the surprise factor often comes from previous metaphors that resurfaces in something slightly related yet subtly placing hints for its reveal later.

Dashing Through The Blood

The art in Deadpool #7 surprisingly didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would. Granted, the comic had its moments. During the fight scenes, I was able to pay close attention to injuries. The presence of red was quite festive. It didn’t really splatter, it just dripped or poured. Which essentially relates to tear drops in a way. The blood felt like it was pouring out slowly for dramatic effect or creating its own shape. It was easy to highlight and follow. That was the best part.

On the other hand, the presentation was more simplistic. Since it is holiday themed, it would’ve been great to experience artistic Easter eggs scattered across the fight, like a sword cutting off hanging mistletoe, or bring in another holiday separate from Christmas for that confusing, “What? Where did that come from?” effect that tends to be effective.

In all, this issue is a certified eye-roller and gives you all the holiday bloodshed to sweep you into the new year. Waiting to see what the Young-Klein squad got cooking up for 2019.

8.4 Jingle Hemoglobins out of 10

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