Dude, Now They’re Exploring Abandoned Drug Tunnels on ‘Finding Escobar’s Millions’? I Can’t.

If you can't take suspense you might need to close your eyes.

We talked about the hunt for Pablo Escobar’s Millions as the series debuted earlier this year. Ex-C.I.A. operatives Ben Smith (if that is your real name) and Douglas Laux are still in Columbia continuing with the hunt. These aren’t the kind of guys that let setbacks set them back (see what I did there?). With the series coming to a conclusion, we got a sneak peek at episode five, “The Drug Tunnel,” and man, come on. Look at this breakdown.

“All new episode airing Friday, December 1 at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery. After discovering empty barrels in Pablo’s escape trails outside of Hacienda Napoles, the team is at a dead end. Doug is put in contact with a fixer in Cartagena, a key smuggling route for Pablo and other narcos. Ben leads his team to Pablo’s residence on the Rosario Islands outside of Cartagena. Sensing a conspiracy against them, Doug takes action.”

Are You Not Entertained?!

Yo, what are we even doing? I told y’all before, if you can’t take suspense then you might wanna watch this with a sheet over your head. Dude’s is really out here in the thick of real shit searching for millions in the ceiling (shout out, Pusha T) and they may be getting set up? Nah, man. Naaaah, man. That’s that mm mmm right there.

This is more adventure than anybody signed up for. Check out the episode airing on Friday to keep up with our new favorite explorers (eat your heart out, Drake from Uncharted) “Ben” and Douglas to see them get their Jason Bourne Michael Weston on.

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