BNP On E3: Ubisoft Embraces the Weird and the Sublime

  • When it comes to Ubisoft, it is hard to decipher exactly what to expect. As a fan of the brand, I know to look out for fun, bright, action packed RPG Games. Needless to say I was impressed with what they brought forward. Once the E3 clock hit its count down, I knew what I was waiting. A new Just Dance, Official Game play of Assassins Creed and an improved RPG with improved multi-player platforms.


    When they came out of the block with a dancing panda I already knew what that meant

    Just Dance 2019:

    As an avid JD fan who played every installment from its release, I was excited to see them open up in the most dramatic fashion with the bright colors and sample of the songs that will be playable this October!

    Get ready for another installment of competitive dancing with family and friends around the globe! I hope that this installment will come with improved global play and bring back some classics from the older titles.

    Beyond Good & Evil 2:

    It’s just like Ubisoft to go from dancing panda to talking pigs. The official gameplay footage from this improved RPG Action/Adventure has amazing graphics and will also include a co-op mode. Beyond Good and Evil 2 serves as a prequel to Beyond Good and Evil and has had a huge following since their original release. This game has been in talks for years and now its process is out in the open. The creators are launching an open invitation to send ideas to music, content and etc to improve the game. This will be available in conjunction with Joseph Gordon Levitt. He and his team will be partnering with the creators in order to run the global community creation. I believe that this will not only bring in more fans, but it allows people from all aspects of artistry to invest in a product they believe in.

    Starlink Battle for Atlas:

    Your goal is to save Atlas from ultimate destruction! This space-exploring game will bring the beloved favorite Star Fox and his crew! This is a great collaboration that will bring in the dedicated fans of both sides to the forefront. “Starlink will be available October 16th with Starfox as an exclusive Nintendo Switch experience”!

    Assassins Creed Odyssey:

    Greece! Yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Get ready to put your Assassin’s Hood on. The RPG will be shaped by actions and choices! A character selection will be presented at the top of the game and it is a commitment for the rest of the game. Fighting in the fields, multiple ways to kill animals, the visuals are amazing. Choosing your dialogue and deeply involving your characters in the development of history!

    They got the wrinkles down to the tee, I almost thought they were real. With the graphics, improved character abilities, immersive play and dialogue choices, this is sure to be one of the best Assassin’s Creed games to date. Available October 8th!

    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2:

    Initial Reaction: Well, this is dramatic.
    In The Division 2, you and a group of agents will use your equipment to change history.
    With classes like Sharpshooter, Demolition, and Survivalist; get ready for end-game specialization and Co-Op mode that allows RAIDS with up to 8 players!
    3 DLC Episodes will be available with new stories, and it will be free for all players on release in March 2019! This feels like an improvement from the last Division, and is hopefully a look towards improvement in the franchise. It looks interesting and seems like they are coming out the gate strong, but this is a coin flip.

    Bright Honorable Mentions

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle / Donkey Kong Adventure:

    The bright colors infused in the Donkey Kong and Rabbids collaboration is something that I am ready for. The character traits of these fake bunnies are adorable, and I cant wait to see the humorous violence this will bring to the screen. DLC Available June 26th!

    Trials Rising:

    By the end of the Ubisoft conference I was trying to make Clumsy Motorcycle Guy my personal mascot. Trials Rising is a new motorcycle stunt game that will be dropping soon. Various community members put in time and effort in the creation of this game and the closed beta is open now for registration at
    Set for release for Switch, PS4, XBox One and PC in February 2019.

    Skull and Bones: Piracy is Dead

    Piracy is Dead. Pirates are now traveling down into the deep oceans to battle, and create alliances with other pirates in search for wondrous treasure. The game looks precise, and to the point. It would be fun buy for those really invested in battle/adventure game-play. The weapons are versatile, and it shows how one must be in-tune and concentrated in order to achieve their goals.


    Yes! Virtual Reality, infusing film as a catalyst for immerse game-play. In Transference you’re entering various consciences in order to solve mysteries. This dark mystery could get extremely trippy, considering the visuals and dark storyline. With one of their catch phrases being “escape a corrupted mind”, here is a game that will force you to hone your wit!

    For Honor:

    With beautiful graphics and high-end combat techniques, those who enjoy war movies with a hint of drama should look out for you.

    This war game will feature:
    -New Faction single-player content
    -Fighter visual enhancements
    -40 multi-player mode.
    The Uplay Free Starter Edition will be available June 11th-June 18th.

    The Crew 2

    Preload open beta June 21st and officially available June 29th.
    The Crew 2 is innovative, filled with eye-catching colors and available for open beta play! Racing games are always a fun way to let loose and enjoy an open road without a license. This open-world racing game is not to be looked over as the racing features are not limited to cars alone.

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    • Khadjiah Johnson is a Caribbean-American writer and humor advocate who uses poetry and comedy as a leverage to empathize and uplift. Her work has taken her to Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center, Apollo Theater, BET, Off-Broadway and many more! She hopes to use her talents to sway her way into the writers room for a Late Night Comedy Show.

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