East of West #32 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman / Artist: Nick Dragotta / Image Comics

Maaaan, listen. Hickman got his doctorate in the long game and taking characters we know well and introducing new wrinkles. Because he was often the symbol for political maneuvering and not the more visceral aspects of this book, seeing Archibald in motion was mostly great, but you knew what you were getting into. Nah fam, Archibald got levels. Dude is definitely the most interesting man in the apocalypse. We got to see the boldness of his political muscle, the confidence of being the smartest guy in the room no matter who else happened to be within those walls and, a little bit of old west gunslinging too. Archibald is what we call, a man of means. Pure will, John Wick style.


The book starts and ends in brutal fashion, why also making great use of flashback and backstory. Dragotta is, as always, doing the lord’s work on this book. Constantly complimenting the brutal nature of what Hickman articulates with a kinetic and unflinching style to match. This is a world I’d never want to live in, but one I sure as hell enjoy visiting that these cats create once a month.


Archibald is Wu-Tang this issue. Nothing to fuck with whatsoever. It’s his world and the other nations are just visiting, fam.

9.1 Oracle Eyes out of 10

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