Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Sara Pichelli / Marvel Comics

“Sitting in a Tree” Part Three resumes where the previous Spider-Gwen book left off, with Miles and Gwen making moves in the club till Scorpion aka look a “hell of a lot like pops” rolled up on them. I’ve enjoyed this crossover for the most part, even if I wasn’t all aboard this cradle-robbing romance we’ve been forced to watch. But this issue felt a bit disjointed with the heavy use of flashback or (flash-present, I guess since the main story is the flashback itself). The Bendis side of this story is a lot more dense than Latour’s side in the Spider-Gwen book, though that mix is necessary. But the story doesn’t move a whole hell of a lot, considering 80% of the action happens in the club.


Also… can we address this unmasking of Miles? This shit happens way too often. Gotta be more than any other hero that hides his identity. Willingly and unwillingly, your boy stay seen. But anyways…

Besides the unmasking, I”m still loving Pichelli’s art, especially with the new pallette backing her pencils on Earth-65. The action looks good, the visuals of the powers work well complimented by the general activity of the club itself.

Sitting in a Tree continues to be interesting, but this part of the story was a little disjointed for how the story had been running previously.

7.8 Making Moves Behind the Bar out of 10

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