Eternal #3 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen / Artist: Esad Ribic / Marvel

So it seems Gillen has set us up with a super powered, murder mystery: and I’m here for it! The pacing that Gillen establishes is so well done that you don’t realize things are escalating so much moment by moment. Of course, when an issue is devoid of action it’s easy to breeze through. These first 3 issues of Eternals, however, feel like they’re building to something bigger, while the immediate threat of Thanos, a murderer and perhaps the mad titan, assuming both of those roles looms overhead.

We get the intro, crash course and exposé on Thena from start to finish. Her story was enlightening. Seeing someone so driven and guided by love that they could be blinded by the actual deviants standing before their eyes was insightful. Her strengths, her weaknesses, her heart, and her flaws are all on full display as a distinctly unique character.

Sersi is a stark contrast to Thena’s openness. She seems to be as straight laced as the Eternals come and brimming with pride. Sersi and Thena have been at this war of words and loyalty for millennia and this issue continues this accusatory cycle.

Esan Ribic has created some gorgeous worlds, landscapes, laboratories and hells to look at. Some of the faces of his characters may be a bit off putting but everything else is downright righteous.

Heart. Love. Not terms you often hear in the manner they’re used by Gillen. Impressive how he weaponized those words while maintaining their delicacy and tenderness. Sprite continues to be a bright spot dam near every panel she’s in. I love the Ikaris side mission, because it stays true to his nature as an arrow. Another book, another cliffhanger to keep readers intrigued! I came to get some knowledge on the Eternals before the movie premieres, but I’m staying for this exciting game of Carnage Clue.

8 “Dining Among Animals” out of 10

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