Exlibrium #2 Review

Writer: Natalia Devova / Artist: Ozich /BUBBLE

Bibliophiles who enjoy comics… pick this up. This book is your new fandom.

What I love about this comic is that there is a LOT going on.  Yes, there is really a story underneath a story here. Think of the layers like an onion minus the crying (and rubbing your eyes part) Back in issue one we were introduced to the nerdy and oddball Lily Romanova who just stumbled upon the makings of a world(s) much bigger than her as she came into contact with a few colorful few folks that may or may not have special powers and or limitations. Lily is going about her normal routine, knowing something NOT normal is going on but blissfully unaware of all the dangers that are entering her world and will soon target her among possibly others.  Something big is about to happen and Lily is surely at the center of it.


This issue pushes further as whatever darker forces are seepingly deeper into this realm, Lily’s world. We see more of quiet, no-funny-business Shura and the  happy-go-lucky cinammon roll Arthur who seem to be (non-human?) agents sent to complete a task and they shadow her and keep tabs waiting for a transformation of sorts. They are great foils to each other and their interactions keep me laughing.


Apart of this comic’s appeal is not only great spacing: one page may be for laughs and the next swings into high action. The creative team does this well on both fronts: in the art bringing us fantastic visuals and with the story that while, we are being spoonfeed slowly is forgiven by the hijinks and the comedic bits.

The true focal point, the true heart of this comic is Lily. This oddball of a girl Lily who knows for certain something is off but her imaginative and nerdiness keep her grounded (for the time being). The panels of her alone are instant gold and I fall a little more and more in love with her every time I see her. Looking forward to seeing more of Lily and all the elements from more books, yes, even the fairytales as we go.

lil 4

9.5 trips to Grandmother’s House Apartment out of 10

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