Fall of Osiris Might Be What the Destiny Expanded Universe Needs

While I am an unabashed Destiny investor, I can admit as much as anyone else that Destiny is having a rough time right now. The first game had a three year run that saw tons of machinations and life improvement changes throughout. Still, the chase for a perfect MMO/shooter/RPG experience eluded Bungie. Destiny 2 was supposed to change that. And while the core game has a better foundation than its predecessor, there are issues aplenty that could use resolution. In addition to the issue of keeping players entertained through the endgame, Bungie has found itself mired in controversy around its sequel. The XP throttling that limited players’ gains after a while. The Eververse Endgame, as its referred to, where many of the cool aesthetics and items are hidden behind microtransactions. None of it particularly transparent until the groans got louder.

Osiris’ World, We Just Living In It

When we’re talking about a game that demands hundreds of hours, twice a year paid DLC and a continuous attention, it takes a lot to restore the feelings. So no, a free comic book isn’t going to repair the issues that Destiny 2 is experiencing. But, it is a damn good comic book and it hints at something more substantial. Fall of Osiris was published as a free webcomic this week on Bungie’s site as a companion to the DLC. The infamous Osiris takes center stage in the DLC with his own story of not-quite-redemption. The comic, written by Ryan North and illustrated by community fan artist Zé Carlos, is exactly as the title implies. The lore of Osiris is told through the eyes of his greatest pupil, Ikora Rey.

Before she was a Warlock representative of the Vanguard, Ikora spends her time trying save Osiris from himself. With appearances from the legendary Saint-14 and allusions to other great guardians (Cayde-6 the scout!?!?), it is entertaining for those invested. Which is what the Destiny universe needs. More mediums for those that are heavily invested.

All Lored Up and Nowhere to Go

Destiny does have a fascinating lore. It’s ok if you weren’t aware of that from the first game because the coolest stories didn’t actually happen in the game. Locked away in dozens of Grimoire cards, you had to do a whole lot of reading of static text, online to learn more of this huge world Bungie had created. They did a better job of it in Destiny 2 by adding story elements to adventures. But Destiny still lacked officially licensed properties that expanded the universe in ways that were directly tied to the game. While Star Wars is the big, obvious juggernaut, games like Halo and Mass Effect comics, novels and other mediums that expand the universe in many ways. The best recently has to be Overwatch, who doesn’t even have a main campaign, but has story for days due to its cinematic shorts.

This is where the Destiny universe needs to go. The lore has already been written, seeing it animated or novelized gives the universe much needed depth. The characters are fascinating and ridiculously diverse. The locales, the weapons, separating myth from legend, all ripe for the picking. Let’s hope this comic book isn’t just a #1 issue, but the start of a much larger, realized Destiny world.

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