Five New Things In Destiny 2 That Are Trying To Body The FPS Game

Look, guardians, you already know how I get down in these Cosmodrome streets. I rock out with the Ace of Spades out way too many hours to even admit to, so you know I was hanging on every piece of info dropping for the Destiny 2 gameplay live stream reveal. I was thinking, ok, how much is really gonna change. Destiny has settled into a core gameplay. So, yeah, some new weapons, some new locales, couple different game modes, that will be good enough for the Vanguard, right? Right?

Fuck. No.

Bungie for real told Activision to turn the beat up in their headphones and just got loose in the booth on one of those 100 bars with no hook type of flows. There was so much shit crammed into less than two hours of exposition, here are the highlights to look out for come September.

New cinematic experience, who dis?

Fam, listen, I love me some Destiny, but I am the ultimate sucker for a damn good story. So, this was a conflict for me most of Destiny cuz…it didn’t have that shit. Convoluted and disjointed with the most interesting shit happening in an online reader and not actually in the game, Destiny was basically some great shooting with some very thin connective threads between stages. That changed with the Taken King expansion, with much more personality and cutscenes fleshing out the characters that had always been there but buried under mundane nothingness before.

But this shit right here my guardian? Now the cinematic feel is the standard, not the exception. Fighting along NPCs like Cayde, Ikora and Zavala who you knew were badasses but literally did nothing but give you random shit in the tower is A STEP. With each character having their own journeys, the promise of more solo and story missions, we going from the scraps to a full steak and potatoes meal (or veggie patties with tofu if that’s how you get down).

Armed to the teeth, Bite down on the Bullet

Brand new weapon system that looks to balance some shit out. No longer are you stuck in the primary, special and heavy weapons with only three to four variants kept your options pretty locked in. But with the kinetic, energy and power sets, you can mix it up a lot more and customize your murder gear even better. Plus, smgs and grenade launchers?!?! Be still my Halo heart. Yeah, I know, some of you cats ain’t happy that sniper rifles are now “heavy” weapons, anything that can one shot kill you from across the map ain’t just, “special” fam. It’s for the best.

No One Guardian Should Have All That Power

Bruh, you knew we’re getting some new supers. BUT GOTDAMN. Listen. Warlocks, ya’ll getting the Dawnblade. Shit look like a some Devil May Cry crossed with God of War type shit. On Fire. Titans…I’m lightweight jealous. HOW THEY GIVE Y’ALL THE VIBRANIUM STEVE ROGERS SHIELD?!?!


What part of the game is that? Did you see your boy whipping the shield around back and forth?!?! Sentinel looking real Champion of Themyscira right now. And because I’m a Hunter in the streets and the sheets, I’m glad to report that the cats beyond the wall are getting the Arcstrider and lookin’ like a fuckin’ ninja with the lightning staff. They got us out here getting our Tim Drake on too thorough.

Not only that, but it looks like each subclass now has another unique ability in addition to melees and cooldowns. Like throwing down a power up spot or giving yourself a frontal shield. Just give me the light and pass the whatever guardians be using to get turnt these days.

Fewer. Bigger. Worlds.


Being able to visit the planets and shit was cool, but about 10 missions and patrols let you see everything there was to see…on the whole planet fam. So yeah, this go round, we got 4 main worlds that promise to be a hell of a lot bigger, each. Treasure maps. A focus on exploration. More open world. Basically, the shit you thought you were going to get in Vanilla Destiny. Each with their own unique story attached to it (like Ikora going off on her own on Io) and unique landscapes to each other and on the worlds themselves. It’s the equivalent of the big open world games that had nothing but square footage upgrading to populating that world. Destiny franchise needs that, yo. give me some shit to look before besides a loot cave.

Swiping Right on Them Guardians

So in the first Destiny jawn, no matchmaking for regular missions, Nightfall, Trials of Osiris or Raids. Which, I get. I love my crew, but we get frustrated enough the 17th time trying a raid encounter. Ain’t nobody trying to cuss strangers out that you got forced to run a raid with because they be staring at the sky with their newly inverted controls and shit. So the solution was the Guided Game system, where you can temporarily or permanently join up with clans of already established crews to pull off some shit.


I mean, it’s like auditioning or pledging to a frat or some shit, but still, you can be accepted to rock with a crew to help you get shit done. On top of that, if you already have a clan, they now function in the game, so now you can get rewards for rocking with your clan in the game and develop a rep beyond people pointing at your puns and thinking that shit is clever (or vulgar…most of you muthafuckas are vulgar if we one hunned). But yo, I’m gonna tell you right now, don’t any of you brand new guardians run up on the Black Nerd Problems clan (yes, it exists) trying to get on cuz we in some new digs now. You wasn’t with us when we were shooting in the gym, fam! Ok, I mean, you might could get on, but our screening process is too thorough. You’ll probably get quizzed on 90s cartoons and asked to declare if you thought Cyclops or Magneto was right as an entrance exam, but I digress.

Other notables


  • Big changes to the crucible: 4 vs 4 instead of 6 players per team for large battles. Also new modes.
  • No more general orbit screens as now you can jump from one activity to another without meeting at a central location first.
  • Completely revamped subclass tree
  • PC specs (yes, your boy is doubling up and investing in the new hardware as we speak) look riiiiiidiculous. 4K support, mouse and keyboard controls. Uncapped framerate. Etc. Etc. Etc. Let’s. Go.



So yeah, they hype train is so real for this shit, fam. I’ve never been so happy to watch the tower get destroyed. Come September, you know where to find me (and the rest of the Black Nerd Problems crew).

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