Fallon Grey: The New Blade Already Ready To Slay

So Tim Seely (writer) and Logan Faerber (artist) are the new creative team bringing Blade back into the fold. However, not just the Blade (Eric Brooks) we’ve come to know and love. This time around Eric is going to have to face a whole new type of monster… a teenager. Fallon Grey is the new Blade being introduced that also happens to be Eric’s daughter. You know damn well there is going to be some monsters slayed and some new monster threats as well. If Fallon is anything like her father, we are going to be seeing these two butt heads a lot.

We’ve seen Blade be his typical lone-wolf self over in the pages of Mighty Avengers. We can already tell Blade isn’t going to be anywhere near Luke Cage’s patience as a father (probably because again he is going to be dealing with a teen). However it’s going to be interesting to see how one of the roughest dudes in Marvel adjusts to this development. We have no idea how Blade has come to have a daughter — the only theory I could possibly offer is if Seely is going back into the Blade: Max mini-series where he was set up into relations with a vampire queen, thus fulfilling a prophecy of a child that could bring about the end of the world. I doubt that will be the case though.

Faerber has given Fallon a waaaaaaaaaaaaay better look than when her father first debuted. Listen, Blade paved the way for Marvel movies (yeah, not Iron Man), so you’re telling me he’s back with a daughter using Black Girl Magic as a stake to merk vampires and other monsters? Sun, where the fuck do I sign, bruh?! I ain’t even gon’ make a Buffy The Vampire Slayer comparison cause I’ma wait for the product to drop the mic for its damn self on its own terms.


We been wanting more Blade action since we saw him having to fight of were-chickens and other weird shit. Blade is involved in an underbelly of Marvel that we rarely get to explore. It’s going to be awesome seeing him back in the fold, especially as a father. This is thrusting towards a new maturity in the sense that he has to show less of his solo swordsmen routine and work as a unit with his daughter in order to teach and protect her. You know damn well Blade ’bout to be the worst of the best teachers ever. Plus they done gave him the fuckin’ Cloud sword from Final Fantasy??!?!!?? WHAT WE TALKIN’ ‘BOUT DOOOE?!?!!?


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