The Flash Recap: Elongated Trip Into the Night

Season 4 / Episode 4 / The CW

And you say C-City!

We start off this Flash episode with muhfuckin’ Danny TREJOOOOO! The acting equivalent of midnight black unicorn makes his Flash debut as Gypsy’s father by hoppin’ out of a breach, runnin’ up on Cisco who was just laid up with his daughter (that he doesn’t know the name of), and yokin’ him up like a rag doll. Gypsy comes out of the bathroom like, “Daddy?” and Cisco barely escapes being murdered by the OG, named Breacher.

CCPD: Joe gets the spotlight shined on him as Mayor Bellows makes his reelection bid, but Joe ain’t about that life and curves the media and cameras. Joe (who ain’t spillin’ no baby beans) and Barry start to breakdown the need to find the remaining 10 metas created on that bus. They head back to S.T.A.R. Labs but encounter Breacher, who is ready to let that energy blast thang go on sight! Cisco stops the potential skirmish, introduces everyone (including his assistant, Barry) then takes the upstanding gentleman out for coffee. The rest of the crew look into the dead bus driver from that fateful day. After sifting through the evidence, they find a business card from a dirty CCPD cop who was probably on the bus and may have powers.

Ralph Dibney Private Investigators Office: Turns out this dude is the final form of professional fuck boy. We know he’s the absolute worst human when he closes the book on some woman’s investigation by telling her what happened to her husband, staring at her breast as he says “Twin Cities” then coming on to her before getting slapped into next Tuesday. Joe and Barry get there to question him but he’s not givin up any answers. Only more questions as we find out he and Barry have beef.

Father and son leave as two goons enter and press Dibney for something. Money I’m guessing, since he’s an IOU champion. They go all Suge Knight, hang him off the edge of the roof and miraculously, his legs stretch until he softly lands on the ground where Joe and Barry scoop him up and bring soon to be Elongated Man to HQ for further examination.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Douchey fuck boi supreme is Stretch Armstrongin’ all over the place. Arms lookin’ like silly string, face gettin’ sneezed off like skin snot. It was ugly, Joe was puking, Dibney was basically crying. Caitlin tells the gang that she needs sample of his DNA before his cells became mutated, so Barry and Iris AKA caramel love fest go to his office to find some hair or skin samples.

At his office, Barry finally tells Iris that he was the one who outed Dibney as a crooked cop. Barry was a Jr. CSI when he double checked the case that Dibney “solved.” Turns out dude planted the knife that had the killer’s finger prints in them, turning Dibney from a hero to a disgrace. Theeeeen Iris finds a bomb in Ralph’s drawer and Barry does one of the dopest unexpected moves to save him and Cocoa Butter Kisses. He wraps his arms around her and vibrates through the floor so they escape the blast.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Barry comes in hot… ‘cuz beef. They continue to bicker about this Dibney guy immediately being labeled a villain, even though being a scumbag doesn’t necessary guarantee as spot as a rogue. They go all Patriot Act and run his phone call history and it turns out he spoke with the mayor like 15 times. A little suspicious considering the re-election bid. Once again, Dibney ain’t got no answers for the investigator.

On the flip side, Breacher is literally Hunger Games-ing Cisco, as our boy crawls through GoldenEye style passageways in fear of bae’s pops. Harry got jokes, but also convinces Cisco to go on the offensive with a trap. Caitlin creates a serum to stabilize Dibney’s enzymes and cells and lets his muscle memory do the rest.

CCPD: Joe and Barry press the mayor about the calls. Turns out he’s just another sleezeball who cheated on his wife. Dibney’s blackmailing the mayor, but we find out the lovable mayor is the one sending goons to murk out the Private I… and now Joe and Barry ‘cuz apparently the mayor is Don Falcone. Joe and Barry kick it over some beer before an attempt on their lives. The guaranteed-to-get-bodied goons dress up as cops, shoot at them and get speed handled.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Bidney gives himself abs now that he knows how to use his powers. Barry still thinks he deserves to be locked up in the pipeline so they square off and air out his dirty laundry. Dibney, the cocky fool that he is, tries to punch Barry, who ducks and snuffs him aaaand his hand is absorbed before Dibney storms out. Cisco tries to catch Breacher using the same trap that got Reverse Flash, but Breacher a vet. He pulls out a knife from someone he collected on Earth 48 and does the Hustle as he escapes. Cisco puts his Sonic shoes back on and is ghost! Breacher sees the footage of Bidney’s stretchiness and goes ballistic ready to hand deliver fades like Valentines Day cards in 2nd grade, because he thinks Dibney is one of the plastoids that destroyed his home planet and people.

The team finds Dibney talking to the mayor outside City Hall. He’s actually trying to squash the blackmailing going on between him and Bellows. They come to an agreement and it’s looking like Plastoid Dibney is finally leaving the dark side… theeen the mayor pulls out the hammer and pops dude full of lead, which turns him to a cone head when it hits the back of his dome, stretches like a rubber band and he snot rockets the bullet out. Flash flies in to apprehend the evil ass mayor and bring him to justice. But Breacher has other plans. He pulls up and immediately starts firing vibrational blasts at Flash and Dibney, ready to kill.

Flash gets bodied so Cisco finally musters up some confidence and hops through a breach, placing himself between Breacher and soon-to-be-slaughtered Gumby boy. Cisco takes all blame for him having powers and tells Breacher to square up if he has beef. The bravado stops Breacher from further violence.

Somehow, Joe is taken hostage by the mayor in a helicopter. Flash is tapped for strength after Breacher repeatedly hit him with the mean yopper blasts so he convinces Dibney to be the good cop he said he always was and grab the copter so he can run up there and save the day. Dibney’s like “Fake news, how could you know if I’m a good guy or not?” Then Flash reveals his true identity and Dibney is pissed. It was a pretty funny moment, mid-climax. The Elongated Man comes around and stretches to grab the copter as Flash zips up there and takes care of business. Joe immediately reveals that Cecile is pregnant after damn near everybody said he was glowing this episode. It was a funny brush with death moment of clarity.

S.T.A.R. Labs: I have to say, I low key hated this episode until that battle and these final scenes. As soon as I heard the music drop and saw Joe walk out with the cigars I was crazy hype! No talking, no volume, just happy tunes, surprised faces, ecstatic hugs and having-a-baby cheers. Loved every second of that.

Cisco said goodbye to Breacher and Gypsy after the big guy admits that he hates him… but also that Cisco is a steadfast warrior. He respects that Suavemente Papi is able to defend his friends and the only woman he loves. Cisco takes any compliment he can get then finds out Gypsy’s name is Cynthia and Breacher’s name is Josh. But I doubt he’ll be calling her by her gov’mint considering Cynthia would beat his ass.

Then we have Barry who goes to Dibney’s newly rebuilt office to offer him a job. To join Team Flash. Study his anatomy, limitations, and abilities. To finally become a detective again. It was an organic scene. They didn’t act like it was all love after years of static, but they were able to come to a mutual agreement for the good of the city. Guess we’ll be seeing more of Ralph this season.

Flash Facts

  • “We miss you, come back soon.” Caitlin, what were you up to in between season 3 and 4? Looks like we’ll be finding out real soon.
  • Caitin keep it a buck saying Breacher is the scariest man she’s ever seen in her life is so real.
  • I don’t buy that Dibney’s office blew up and Flash was able to rebuild it, even with his speed. What, did he build the roof and floor of the offices above and below? Small plot detail fail… but a fail no less.
  • Breacher is an amazing addition to The Flash. Really hope we get to see Danny Trejo make his 2nd go as Breacher later this season.
  • Quote of the Week – Breacher: “This facility is poorly guarded.” Yoo it’s about time somebody called them out on the trash S.T.A.R. Labs security!
  • That Devoe name drop and flashbacks were the realest.
  • Nice Plastic Man name drop, Barry.
  • Tom Cavanagh directed this episode and it shows. He allowed our characters to play off each others humor. Fun Flash is in full effect.

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