From The Deep Depths Comes Freeform’s Mysterious New Drama: ‘Siren’

Every now and again, you need an easily digestible show, and it looks like Freeform is serving something up in time for the beginning of spring that is right up my alley. Or waterway, if you will. Siren is an upcoming drama TV series that will feature an enigmatic woman (played by Eline Powell) whose unexpected arrival into the sleepy town of Bristol Cove stirs up more trouble than any of its residents could have anticipated.

See basically, this new girl is a mermaid. From the trailer and first look, we clearly get the whole unoriginal fish-out-of water storyline. Something I haven’t really seen before is how the Siren is behaving like a feral creature. Yes, we’ve seen killer mermaids before, but most of the adaptations I’ve seen have depicted them as seductive and suggestive. This mermaid seems naive and unassuming. She picked up that rat like it was nothing and took a big-ass crunch out of it. You next see this mystery merperson wandering around the nearby area, with no shoes on, (and yet knew enough about Western societal social norms to put jeans and a t-shirt on????) looking at everything like she’s Neo in the Matrix who has just opened their eyes for the first time. She also destroys a piece-of-shit towner who tries to assault her by tearing them open and throwing them through their front window. We definitely see our share of blood and violence.

I’m not particularly impressed by the CGI aspect of the show yet, but I’ll just wait and see until it is officially on air to make any biting remarks. We have some Star Wars talent joining this in Rene Owen who will play Helen, who appears to know more about the mythology of the legendary sea creatures, along with their connection to the town. Alex Roe, who will play Ben, is also part of the main cast as a do-gooder who just wants answers to what’s going on in the water.  All in all, it looks like an interesting watch. This definitely does not help with my wariness of the ocean, though.

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