Shigure Sohma

‘Fruit Basket’ has a Problem, and It’s Name is Shigure Sohma

F**k Shigure! I said it. This mofo is the WORST! *cue John-Ralphio*

There’s something about an insidious mfer. When an asshole is an asshole to your face, it at least it feels honest. Genuine. When an asshole hides his bullshit, it feels extra nasty. This sneaky mess is what Shigure was doing for the majority of the Fruit Baskets series. He’s a huge pervert. Not like, I like to rub one out ten times a day to 8+person orgies. No, Shigure is a creep who comments about high school girls despite being in his late 20s/early 30s at the beginning of the series. You’d think that would be the worst of his character traits. However, it gets even creepier.

Shigure Sohma, along with his cousins Ayame Sohma, Hatori Sohma, and Kureno Sohma, are the oldest of the recent Cursed Cycle. A modestly famed writer and novelist, Shigure took in his cousin, Yuki and at the beginning of the series, the homeless Tohru Honda. They are later joined by the troubled Cat of the Zodiac, Kyo Sohma. He took pity on the young teenager living in a tent, but he soon used this sweet girl for his own nefarious purposes.

He initially comes off as a very chill, funny, compassionate man. He’s willing to help out someone he barely knows! He lets his troubled cousins come live with him! What’s there to be suspicious about? A LOT! THERE’S A LOT TO BE SUSPICIOUS ABOUT! His end goals become clearer during the middle of the series. He wishes for the curse to be broken in order to free Akito from duty. He wants Akito all to himself. But this is far from a romantic tale of a gallant knight and a cross-dressing fair maiden. It’s more about a cunning asshole and an abusive head of the family harming anyone to get what they believe life owes them.

He Just Ain’t Right

The more and more I think about it, the more angry I become. When you get right down to it, he’s such a piece of shit. He had no issue using Tohru, Ren, whomever. His demeanor of a kind-hearted dog was all a front! An ersatz elevator! A ruse! A discombobulation! Yuki should have watched his back; Shigure was more of a rat than he let on. I gotta tell you, sleeping with your girlfriend’s mom just to get back at your girlfriend is a whole other level of crazy. I don’t think some of these reality television shows would want to risk having such a weenie on one of their programs. The whole “loving Akito from the moment she was in the womb” situation is also highly gross. Those same Jacob and Renesmee vibes from the hell-series Twilight.

Shigure himself has admitted on occasion that he’s an asshole. He’s cool with allowing Akito to be a completely evil bitch, and moreso, would be totally fine with Tohru Honda suffering if it meant his goals were being reached. He is conniving, untrustworthy, and a liar by omission. He allows abuse to flourish under him, and he is not above sexually manipulating situations to illicit the reaction he desires from those around him. So yes; Shigure Sohma reaches my gallery of anime assholes. This placement; however, comes from malice rather than fondness.

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