Euphoria Recap Episode 4: Shook Ones Pt.II


So I’m just realizing that each episode is named after a rap song. Ep 1 (just a pilot doesn’t count) Ep 2. Stuntin Like My Daddy = Lil Wayne, Birdman. Shook Ones Pt. II = Mobb Deep, Made You Look = Nas – who wrote this?!! Is Sam Levinson a Rap music aficionado?

Tonight we learn about Jules, I’m excited because Jules and Rue kissed last time so let’s see what happens!!


We start with Jules at 11 years old this time – maybe we will start with every character at 11 years old. Jules and their mom are driving 7 hours away from home to see a psychiatrist 11 Jules fogs up the window to write “help” in her breath. Yes, this is the beginning of a very terrible nightmare scenario, you can already tell something is up.

With the Psychiatrist, Jules has a great session they didn’t lie which I guess is a regular issue. Jules mentions Salvador Dali being a sexual predator and the Psychiatrist is like I didn’t know that – just casual conversation. Then the other doctor takes Jules on a “tour” of the facilities like basically this is where you’ll be sleeping and it looks like a clean Azkaban – that’s when the jig is up we knew it was a setup! Mom is being escorted out and they are like fitting Jules for grey psyche robes. We shoulda known when the lady said it was a place where children learn how to feel better about themselves…You can’t pray it away!! Why won’t parents learn!!

While Jules was tricked into their life being ruined they scratched a nurse in the face by accident, so they’re strapped in like Hannibal Lecter.

Jules is telling the nurse they were sad for a long time (since 7), maybe that’s why they are there? And the doctor responding “Jules do you self injure?” What kind of response is that? And how do you answer, why yes Nancy I do cut from time to time… WTH?

Rue takes us on the journey of Jules and we find they hated how they thought about themselves hated everything about their body. When sitting having dinner asked so politely to keep the ginger ale can and I was like and that’s how they got cut. I used to crush soda cans and them edges were sharp and I got cut by accident all the time! Them things are serious weapons and the orderly just left it there for Jules…

Apparently Jules eventually “got better” what does that mean in this context being kidnapped by your own mom and forced to change in a confined environment? Let me stop because I know some people have really been given great resources and the help they need in certain institutions, it just didn’t seem like a healthy place in this instance.

At 13 Jules started to transition and by 16 was hooking up with a lot of guys always the same type of guy saying, “I’m 100% straight” oh jeez that’s a loaded statement.

The voiceover takes us on a ride of when Jules met Rue – does that not sound like when Harry Met Sally Ha! But this whole story of they are the best of friends and imagined getting an apartment and spending the rest of their lives together. Apparently, Jules said this, but now I feel like we can’t trust these voiceovers, they’ve been lying and stretching the truth, they’ll a little too one-sided right now.

But then Jules fell for Tyler aka a**hole Nate aka sociopath Nate.

Rue right now is talking to that guy from N.A. Ali (Colman Domingo, Victor Strand Fear the Walking Dead) She goes into this somewhat deep regurgitation about how she has nothing she is passionate about and how everyone else pretends they are passionate about something but they’re all stuck in their social media lives. It was a poignant thought about what is a passion or what drives us in the social media age. If you have ever watched Bo Burnhum’s “Make Happy” he has a similar rant that just makes you think about the digital age and what do we strive for? Why depression is so prevalent. Sorry got on another tangent there. Ali is looking at Rue like who gives F, why did you call me? In Rue’s mind, everything comes rushing back. He hits her with the “Does hanging out with her feel like something familiar?” She doesn’t want to see it but she is using Jules as a vice a lovely long-lasting forever vice. No, but she’s like but this is good, and it’s true but there is usually a crash after the euphoria wears off – AH you see what I did there.


The episode becomes some of the most genius cinematic storytelling, the one-shot hidden cuts Birdman movie of HBO. We move to Fez and Ashtray putting drugs in a mustard container and opening a pretzel truck.

Maddy and Nate are trying to meet up she is dressed like the white girls would dress when club metro was having teen night so…. Pants with slits starting at the waist on the sides and going almost down to your knees and a bikini top. I’m thinking quite accurate – Nate asks why she is dressed like a hooker, slut-shaming AGAIN and also it’s sex worker Nate! He tells her to go home and come back dressed like a human being WHAT? He doesn’t own her! But also she is supposed to be meeting his dad so awkward but w/e she can wear whatever she wants. And Nate says “They already don’t like you” – wow! To be honest he’s a psycho killer so this isn’t just him being a dick, he is OCD controlling so everything he says I see SO MANY layers. In the meantime Jules is on the Ferris wheel with Kat – Fez is making some rounds and Nate’s dad is doing a chili cook-off. It is a beautiful shot that lets us take in the full atmosphere and we are at the carnival teen angst ready.

Kat gets on the ride without Jules but ends up next to the kid from her science class. I swear to everything that he is one of her followers – it could be cool or dangerous we’ll see.

Now Rue is seeing Jules after the kiss and Jules is running to her anxiety is high because Rue thinks she messed it all up, like kissing Jules ruined the friendship, not the pills she was still taking after promising not to, sorry besides the point.

In the spotlight is on Rue as Jules sees her across the grounds and goes to her- yes go to her!

Jules says “I missed you” Jules doesn’t think the kiss is weird Rue is like it was but we don’t have to talk about it and Jules is like “talk about what?” So cute, why is Jules perfect and when I say perfect I mean a whole human being with flaws and an acute understanding of the complexities of human life.

Rue’s sister Gia says “I think Rue is in love with Jules” telling Lexi Rue’s childhood friend (Maude Apatow’s character) and Lexi’s like whaaaa? Maude looks a little perturbed and then goes to her phone. Does Maude love Rue?? Ok that is exactly where my mind went but I realize she could also be discriminatory towards Jules OR jealous of their friendship – a lot could be happening here.

McKay is at the carnival with Cassie and I am starting to wonder if he is capable of moving on from this small town he’s hanging out with high school friends and coming back too often. Just go live your life at college, sorry that’s harsh he loves Cassie I guess. Nate’s dad calls him stingray Mckay and appalled Mckay is not getting field time at college and starts raving about his skills. It gets awkward cuz obviously Nate is jealous the way that his dad is talking about McKay’s talent McKay looks overwhelmed.

Nate asks if Cassie and McKay are in a relationship, McKay says they’re just chilling OOOOOH!
Nate is all like dad stop talking about McKay’s game and he’s like “I’m just trying to make sure he keeps girls like this” Cassie’s like “it’s not like we are in a relationship.”
Cassie is pissed probably because in the last episode they said they loved each other. McKay plays it off saying Nate would have talked shit about what she’s done and Cassie’s like “what have I done?” and McKay’s like it’s not a Fing secret. Damn McKay- he says let’s call it a night, oh but Cassie’s night is just beginning!


Slide to Fez…

Also, this whole episode is done in a ONE-SHOT – do you know how hard it is to take notes and prep for a recap when the episode is one shot!! arrrrgggghhh its cinematic beauty tho!

Ok, so Fez. Maddy’s trying to buy Molly gives Fez money gets a ticket and goes to the pretzel stand not before meeting up with Cassie and says u wanna do Molly? They’re both games after the night they’ve been having. They start talking and Cassie’s like did you go through his phone and adds “when do you ever not go through someone’s phone.” Classic!

So Maddy tells Cassie about going through Nate’s phone and what she founds.

Jules hanging out with Rue sees Nate’s dad and is like Rue I F’d that guy and she’s like that’s Kyle Jacobs, Nate Jacobs dad – Rue says “He built this city! – He built this city on Rock and lies!” But really, apparently he’s like a big time developer and everyone in the city owes him for their livelihood. Rue doesn’t believe that’s the motel date guy, so Jules wants to prove it to Rue so she goes over to get chili – Kyle (Nate’s Dad’s name is Kyle) is flabbergasted and spills the chili. Nate is checking the scene, Jules looks at Rue you see the realization on Rues face. Cut back to Kyle he looks Rue dead in the eyes! She turns away. Nate is peeking, finishes his beer and his mom just says “That’s $2 proceeds go to the football team” Kyle is going to murder both of them! If he doesn’t Nate is!!!

My heart is stopped its snatched – I’m DED!

The other person working the stand says who was that? Nate “That’s Jules she’s new here” talking about how she’s a junior and Kyle looks SHOOK AF.

Gia Rue’s sister meets up with friends who I am scared are a bad influence – they are going to meet boys – I’m betting it’s the little McKay twins.

Kat has been spending the rest of her time with the kid from her science class, who has a flask and pours some in her slushie – I’m hoping he is not drugging her and I am only slightly scared.

(Still dying from how many times I have had to pause already)


Kat goes to get more slushie and sees him talking to some other girl – thinks something else ditches him and the slushies. But really that was just some girl asking him to tell his sister to take her shift at work, hormones make you irrational, how uncomfortable.

Maddy and Cassie are high AF – Maddy goes straight up to the Jacobs family tent to congratulate them but like sassy congratulations and tips over their chili. Nate is pissed, drags her behind the carnival and chokes her up, that is not a metaphor, I’m being literal. And says ur dead to me. Maddy with that look like – I looked in your phone, is probably gonna tell him about the D pics she saw on the phone.

Cassie feeling vengeful finds this other kid and is like sexy eyes – u wanna ride the carousel?

Rue is freaking out cuz she can’t find Gia and she has to get her home by curfew. Her and Jules split up to cover more ground and find Gia.

Kyle Jacobs, the dad/motel date guy/ unofficial mayor of the town is like “I gotta use the bathroom” – oh jeez where is he going? You know he is going to find Jules, this carnival is getting dangerous.

Rue is searching
Kyle is on the move
Jules is searching
Cassie is riding…the carousel that is
Kat is looking for someone else to hit on
It’s a mess!

Kat sees some guy she recognizes, someone she heard about in middle school who was well endowed. Which leads to him asking how old are you? You know what that means – yea they def get it on behind this carnival game.

Meanwhile, Cassie’s making out with this kid on the carousel – has an orgasm on the carousel cuz you know…Molly. Everyone is watching, I’m pretty sure she is embarrassed beyond belief.

Rue finds Gia’s friend and she is def high not making any sense, so the plot thickens

Nate is babbling and trying to convince Maddy he is going through a lot and tells Maddy not to tell anyone (she has already told 2 ppl) He apologizes for choking her? Nope! Just for getting angry and tells her he loves her – she’s weirded out for sure, as she should be.

Kyle finds Jules and is following her – AH!

Rue Finds Gia getting stoned with the Mckay twins (the little brothers of McKay) – as I thought. Then she and the twins start getting fresh “Did you decide to get clean and become a mom?” “was it after you ODed” SMACK THEM! After that sobering comment Gia gets up, cuz that’s not a reminder you can ignore. I for one was like Gia is never doing drugs! After what she’s seen! But that’s just a nieve thought on my part.

Rue texts Jules she’s got Gia just as this guy is approaching her – Kyle.

Kyle looks all sad like don’t ruin my life – I’ll do anything. I can’t tell if it’s genuine or if he is playing up the I got my whole like to lose thing as a ploy. But Jules being the perfect being she is, is like it’s not a thing. In reality, why would Jules go so far as to ruin this guys life, what would be in it for Jules? I guess if she wanted to blackmail she totally could…Just then, Tyler texts “wanna meet in 30?”


Rue and Gia walking home trying to figure out what to do, what to tell mom cuz Gia’s just high. Relax Gia, Rue is a professional at this. Too soon?

Maddy gets home and looks at the choke marks on her neck and breaks down a bit – scary..

Cassie is crying on the steps after just publicly orgasming – she told Maddy the Molly was too strong for her she thinks. Even though it seems like the whole plastics crew would be terrible to each other they do look out for each other in that dangerous teen way.

Kyle runs to his secret DVD collection to destroy the tape of him and Jules probably because he knows now that Jules is like 16 but it’s gone. You know Nate already destroyed it or is keeping it somewhere. OH! Does Nate want to blackmail his own dad?!

The amazing shot again of Jules riding her bike with the spotlight again. This shot is our constant it always snaps us back to reality.

This is it, this is the moment Jules is meeting Tyler aka shyguy118 aka a**hole Nate aka Nate Jacobs. The tension is so tight like a rubber band is about to snap or trying to pop a balloon. You know it is going to pop you can’t exactly predict when and even though you know it’s gonna pop, you are going to jump. That type of welling up the tension. They are meeting alone by some sort of pond or lake a perfect place to dump a body, creepy – scary please don’t hurt her!

He shows his face and you can see Jules face mortified, heartbroken, but he’s being all sweet. Saying some of the same stuff “Tyler” did in those messages. Jules says – I don’t trust you Nate Nate says “I don’t trust you either” He kisses her then tries to stuff his fingers in her mouth same way his dad did- she’s like stop! Then it turns “God are you broken inside,” he says, “You’re so broken you don’t even trust yourself and that’s scary.” Who the hell is this guy to say that? Is that his mantra that he says every morning to himself in the mirror because of point that finger at yourself buddy. Instead, he does what his father didn’t, tells Jules if she ever says anything he will release her nudes and she’ll be charged with child pornography and be labeled a sex offender for life. Man this is a weird case of the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but it does fall away from the tree. His father came over all bashful and scared like please don’t ruin my life and Jules was like cool, I won’t. This sadistic mofo has to threaten someone else’s life to control the situation. Jules says “I think you’re a Fing fa***t just like your daddy” WHOA! I get it I’d be mad too, just lied to, strung along, manipulated, and now blackmailed! F you Nate!

He grabs her by the hair and says “you have a nice night” AAAA! These mixed messages. One message is loud and clear, we gotta kill Nate lol! No, but really stay as far away from that guy, in one night, he’s choked someone and threatened someone’s future.

Jules runs to Rue’s place so they can be together!!! Well for comfort anyways.
Rue asks “How was your date with Tyler?” I wanted Jules to tell her everything, tell how Nate tricked you and threatened you, how you told him off and how dangerous he is! Instead, she says “He didn’t look like his picture” and starts crying. Probably a better response for the time being.

They lay together in the best revolving shot EVER! And KISS! For REAL this time! Like mutually they both came in for the kiss. I am sorry for all the caps, it’s just this was a masterful episode, a true masterpiece. They wanted a rollercoaster, and I felt every dip and climb – I am so stuck on these two.

Remember there are resources out there for anyone who needs them, check out or text EUPHORIA to 741741.

Next week we learn about Maddy – I assume beginning at the age of 11, it’s all getting so interesting.

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