The Golden Gals Are Back In Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #1 Review

Writer: Jody Houser / Artists: Adriana Melo and Mark Morales // DC COMICS

The Rebirth of Our Golden Gals

I am always in the mood for another adventure of arguably one of the best duos to hit the comic universe. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are back, once again through thick and thin no one is going to tear these soulmates apart. After Poison Ivy’s death, she re-spawned through a plant and slowly regained her consciousness as she strolled along with her pal Harley. Poison Ivy is not in the most stable condition. She is falling apart in public and Harley doesn’t have a clue on how to keep her vines healthy and consistent.

What strength could you bring to the table when you’re still recovering from the trauma?

It was hard enough for Harley to see her best friend go through a tragic death.

Revival does not always heal wounds. It unearths scabs. A never ending itch that will only bleed the more you agitate it. It makes you question what you can trust. It changes your perception and it makes everything heightened. Houser does a great job showcasing Harley’s fears without deviating from her quirks. We see her loyalty through the troubles of her rejuvenating “Red”. I love the transformation Poison Ivy’s body goes through. Metaphorically and literally being turned inside out, and knowledge being restored by the restoration of plants.

What feeds Poison Ivy back to strength are the things that Harley is skeptical of.

And with new experiences on the horizon…

We’re going to see what our characters are willing to lose in order to gain stability. Houser, Melo and Morales teach us through Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #1 that a balance scale is all about learning what’s too heavy for us to carry. Sometimes burdens will be lifted by faith and other times we have to suffer when our fears tips it out of balance.

8.8 Photosynthesizing Nemeses out of 10

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