Writer: Robert Venditti / Art: Billy Tan

We are an issue away from done for the “Uprising” arc in Green Lantern. I’ve said before that this arc wants to be “Sinestro Corps War” so badly, which still rings true. This arc reads like Syfy channel attempting to adapt Sinestro Corps War for a TV movie. I’m not trying to come down on Vendeitti, I am all for a new direction taking steps toward branching out. My problem lies with how bland Hal Jordan has been to read. He doesn’t have the same personality I’ve grown accustom to (from over 9 years under Johns) or expect to be enthralled with when I read an issue of Green Lantern now. Jordan’s one liners this issue{“From Oa spaghetti heads. With love”) ¬†as well as his football speech to rile the troops didn’t resonate this time around.

Billy Tan’s art is a plus this issue, he easily crafts the best scene and line of the issue

The major plot of the issue is the Green Lantern corps last ditch effort to stop the Durlans plans of shape-shifting into a master race combining the stolen Daxam DNA with the energy source of the inhabitants on Zezzen. We get to see Jordan play strategist as well as forming an uneasy alliance toward victory. A victory that may be pretty short lived.

It is hard to get excited about the current direction of Green Lantern but on the bright side this arc may be a great jumping on point for new readers. You won’t be boggled down by the depth of the Green Lantern’s history and can enjoy the story for what it is. As for the rest of us…

We’re left looking at the current Green Lantern issues and saying….


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