Green Lantern #39 Review

Writer: Van Jensen / Art: Bernard Chang / DC Comics

Darkness descends upon on Green Lantern Corps on the planet Zarox. They are surrounded on all sides by citizens being possessed and attack. There is no rest waiting for the corps man. They’ve had to face the gods and now this?Space is just getting unruly at this point. John sees one of his members hauled off by a monster of some sort and then has to get his people to safety. We’re coming to find out there’s a threat that’s influencing the citizens that’s from and old enemy way before the Corps. Back when the Guardians did their own dirty work.

Meanwhile, Daggle (who has been undercover for the longest) finally finds his partner Asile (whose been undercover for THEE actual longest) that informs us that this threat stems from the Empire of Tears. How when Abin Sur rescued a girl whose parents crashed on the planet Ysmault (where the 5 Inversions were imprisoned) she became poisoned from the planet which her working then spread into the Empire of Tears being born anew as the Shadow Empire.

We get to see John and the crew let loose on some demons as they track them down to their where they were dwelling. Chang was focusing heavy on John’s military and architect constructs this issue which was a great pleasure to see with him continuously switching up the tactics for whatever the occasion needed.


However, what they find is a throw back to a horrible time for John Stewart. He meets up With Diggle and Asile who are in the dwellings on the same planet (as we come to find out) and what they all face is is a throw back to Stewart’s greatest mistake which took place during the Cosmic Odyssey event in his younger years in the DC Universe. You guessed it. We got a yellow bomb on our hands folks.

It’s fucking gut check time for ya boy.

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