Grimm Recap: Trust Me Knot

Season 6/ Episode 2 / NBC

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides”

When we left Nick and the gang, they were hiding out at Buddy’s repair shop surrounded by cops under Renard’s command with a shoot to kill order. So, basically, things been better.

Trubel in Trubel form wants to fight her way out using nothing but the Fonz’s leather jacket and butch swag, but Monroe is like “About that fighting to the death thing… Rosalee is pregnant so that’s a hard no.” Of course, Nick feels guilty because this is all his fault; I mean, it is – it really, really is. Why are they all at Buddy’s shop again? [stares off into the distance]

But while they’re figuring out what to do, the S.W.A.T. team has been steadily but surely making its way in. It’s not like Buddy’s shop is an impenetrable fortress so it didn’t take that long. That’s how they find themselves on the absolute wrong side of several guns.

BUT before that happened, Hank and Wu arrives back at the scene and arrest Renard for the murder of Rachel Wood. He’s being hauled off unceremoniously in the back of a police cruiser. Congratulations on your win, Mr. Mayor.

Inside the shop, the S.W.A.T. is patting down Nick and they find his stick. And things get weird because it lets off some kind of selective energy burst so all the cops in the building get knocked on their asses – as in unconscious, but the Nick-adjacent crew is just standing.

And that’s how they escape in the S.W.A.T. uniforms and truck. Well that and firing 2 or 3 shots (in the air?) and running out of the building yelling that Burkhart got away. They decide to split up: Monrosalee is going back to the spice shop to pretend they they didn’t just partake in a felony, Nick is going to retreat into the tunnels (via the secret passage that Monrosalee found while Nick was slaughtering people and being resurrected by the Magically Healing and Exploding Stick ™).

At the station, Hank and Wu question Renard as if he’s going to break down and cry like a 12 ear old that fell in with the wrong crowd. He woges as if Wu isn’t 1/8 Wesen of his mother’s side at this point. As if Hank didn’t accidentally date a hexenbiest (twice!).

It must be weird realizing that the only person who could alibi you is dead because you literally stabbed them in the back. RIP, Conrad. Probably not as weird as realizing your kid is the actual murderer. In this moment, is Renard proud? Terrified? Both?

He takes the advice of the time honored sage Ice-T: no confession, no case. He’s gonna call his lawyer… who just happens to be his semi-held-hostage babymama. It’s easy to forget that Adalind has a marketable skill since she’s been relegated to love interest for the past few too many seasons. She’s in no way surprised that he was arrested for murder. In. No. Way. She agrees to come down to the station to… help.

Renard is in his cell when the friendly precinct janitor woges and agrees to get Renard a cell phone. It’s good to be king, I guess.

Nick, Trubel, the hexenbiest formerly known as Eve, and Buddy arrive at the tunnels. Eve says she feels sorry for Rosalee being pregnant now. In response, Nick makes a comment about there never being a good time and Eve’s soft starts shining through the cracks. She pivots to ask Nick for the cloth that the stick was wrapped in so Rosalee can test it. Nick has some feelings about that. Some very Gollum-type feeling about letting go of any thing stick-related. Hmmm. Everyone is like “do you remember the whole S.W.A.T. team getting knocked the fuck out back at Buddy’s? Because that happened and no one know why or understands how. Nick gives Eve the cloth and puts the stick in a box… momentarily. He feels compelled to take it out and the world goes fuzzy. He manages to put it back in the box, but clearly this is an unhealthy relationship.

At the shop, Monrosalee are sweeping up the splinters of their shop in the post-search warrant era of their lives when Adalind calls; she needs a sitter for hellspawn and halfgrimm so she can go see Renard at the precinct. Renard however is in a holding cell calling the wesen judge who signed the warrants to search the houses of everyone Nick ever met. A scheme is brewing. Renard is once again having visions – this time of a gun and bullets, the gun he killed Meisner with. My dude is guilty. Or cursed. Or both.

Speaking of unspeakably evil and creepy, the second Diana shows up at the spice shop, she starts levitating shit – there’s herbs and spices floating everywhere. Adalind leaves the kids to go rescue Renard and Monroe is not happy because what do you say to a kid who has already murdered two people, can astrally project herself miles away, and whose dad ordered your best friend shot on sight. To make things more awkward, Eve and Trubel show up with the cloth, leaving Monroe and hellspawn to play while Rosaleee whips up some concoction meant to reveal the writing that Eve is sure is hidden there.

When Adalind arrives at the station, she and Renard have the shortest most savage conversation. It goes like this:
Renard: I need you to be my alibi
Adalind: Nah.

In the tunnels, Nick and Buddy meet up with Hank and Wu who fill them in on the Renard situation. And that’s when they hatch the worst plan. The worst. I had plans at 7 that involved fire, gasoline, a hula hoop, and a dream that were better thought out than this: Nick is going to get Adalind to cast a Trust Me Know spell AKA make a deal with a shady dude without getting screwed over spell.

Adalind: Remember when I said “nah”? Yeah, well, you aint Nick, so [shrugs]
Hank and Wu scoop up Renard and bring him to the loft. The deal is that Adalind will testify at the grand jury and alibi Renard if Renard drops all charges against Nick. So Adalind hexenbiests all over the both of them and a rope. The deal is that if one of them dies if they break their end of the bargain. So… you know the evil untrustworthy dude is gonna be evil and untrustworthy, right? Right, Nick? You have to know that.

Before Nick gets inevitably betrayed, Adalind goes to pick up her kids and walks in on the science fair that is Rosalee, Eve, and Trubel trying to extract the writing from the cloth. After one failed attempt, Diana walks in and does her purple eyes magic. She can see the writing. Nick shows up (Why? Are you trying to get caught?) and asks her to draw what she sees. So now they have a weird zodiac-looking sketch by Diana.

Trubel gets a call from HW. She’s gotta go on a business trip. And HW wants to Grimm to come wit. But there’s no mention of Eve. Well, that’s cold. HW was like hexenbiest with Stockholm syndrome who?

Meanwhile, Hank and Wu get word that the grand jury is convening to hear Renard’s case… which is dismissed without here testifying. So no deal was carried out, no deal was broken. In judge’s chambers, there is a threeway woge party with the the judge, Renard, and the D.A. because everyone in Portland is a Wesen.

Meanwhile, Renard is out here like:

Feeling myself
I miss old Renard that was only 10% evil and 90% abs.

I need answers: why are we all pretending Diana isn’t a murderer? When will Kelly start decapitating people and can he start with his sister? When will Julieve shoot her shot with Nick?

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