Grimm Recap: Wesen Nacht

Season: 5 / Episode 6 / NBC

Whenever you see a bunch of people dressed all in black, smoking cigarettes, and talking ’bout the action starting at midnight you are either 1) witness to some criminal activity or 2) in line at a poetry slam. Since this is Portland, home of the Wesen Uprising, I think you know which one opened the show this week: in an (abandoned?) warehouse. With yelling. And Woging. And very specific directions about what and where to attack.

Cut to Trubel at Nick and Adalind’s place having nightmares – and other awkward interactions that happen when you pass out for 25 hours at your Grimm mentor’s house, which is really just a one-bedroom hideout that he’s sharing with his totally-nuh-uh-not-girlfriend and their newborn son.

But it must be midnight because elsewhere in Portland, mayhem is happening. The group of angry poet Wesens dressed in black are breaking glass and literally wrecking shops. They chase one shop owner into the street where the leader woges and rips his throat out. A few shops down, they kidnap the owner. #luckyiguess

When Nick and Trubel finally get to talk, she tells him that “they” know he’s a Grimm – Chavez found out. And they, AKA H.W., have been watching Nick. They got Trubel when she left to take Josh (the scared non-Grimm son of a Grimm) home. And it seems like she’s been converted to their side. She’s been fighting the revolution all over the world. With other Grimms.

Nick asks about Meisner and things got a little quiet and awkward. Trubel seemed surprised Nick knew him and even more surprised to learn that he helped Nick save her at the hospital.

Things got quieter and awkwarder when Nick asked about Juliette’s body and Trubel got that “What leftover Chinese food in the refrigerator?” look and eye contact dodge.

Yep. Called it.

So HW has been watching Nick, watching Adalind, and sending Trubel galavanting across the globe to “do what Grimms do.” (And lowkey, they have Juliette.)

Trubel goes to show Nick her bike and realizes that he ran her pockets while she was passed out. He’s like, “Yeah, arrows out the back. What else you got?” So she gives him the grand tour and that makes me think that the bike will be making a reappearance at a pivotal moment. Amidst the cool gadgetry, Trubel gets all in her feelings for Nick. Meh.

Luckily Hank, calls with a case. Of course it’s the dead shop owner from the mayhem the night before. When Wu walks them through the crime scene (and past Ken Honeycut’s body) he makes a special point of showing them the Wesen Uprising logo.

The mayhem is all over the news. Rosalee and Monroe are having a bad morning realizing that they know the dead man AND the kidnapped man, Xavier. Bud shows up at their door freaked out because that’s what you do when people you know start dying. According to the newscast, the mayhem wasn’t just in Portland; spots all over Oregon were hit.

Back in that abandoned warehouse, Xavier is asked if he knows Monroe. This can’t be good.

Nick, Hank, and Wu are in the precinct knowing that this isn’t a mischief night gone wrong. It’s a Wesen thing, but they don’t know how to connect the logo to the kidnapping/homicide. After Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud call and confirm that Ken Honeycut was Wesen too and generally are aflutter, Nick and them take the party to their house. We find out that Xavier Arivaca is a hasenfussige schnecke who wouldn’t hurt a fly (except to eat it). Hmmmm.

Trubel gets another tense awkward silence when Adalind mentions Diana and asks about Juliette. So Trubel has secrets. So many secrets.

Wu is finding out that all the other shop owner’s are tightlipped, too. He’s canvassing the neighborhood when, lo and behold, Xavier stumbles back into the shop. Hmmmm.

Remember Renard? Good, because he’s in this episode. Evidently he decided to endorse the Mayoral candidate who has been cameoing this season. He’s filming a commercial for Andrew Dixson and flirting with the director. He’s like “Don’t forget I have abs.” #NeverForget even though he’s been Sir Barely Appearing in this Season.

I never will.

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If you look away from the thirst trap that is shirtless Renard (oh wait, he had a shirt on in the episode? Whatever. You don’t know my life.), we see Monroe schooling Nick on the history of (Wesen-incited) riots throughout history. They’re in mid-Social Studies lesson when Wu calls to tell them Xavier is at the hospital.

Now when Nick and Hank question him about how he got away, he’s… sketchy. At best. Hmmmm. Obviously they want him to pick his captor out of a book of mugshots, but he’s scared. Reasonable. They push him and he consents. BUT he skips right over the leader and points to Billie Trump, a Wesen woman who was vocal during the pre-attack pep rally.

While Hank and Nick are catching Renard up, Meisner is doing his Meisner creep in the darkened bakery; he’s eying the claw mark logo. So, he’s still in town and he knows about the Wesen Nacht festivities.

Seems like everybody is talking about that logo. Nick finally tells Renard that he was with Chavez when she was killed. And it was in the bathroom when Wemlinger gutted that Marshall. And in the barkery. Free the hidden, indeed.

Speaking of miraculously free, Xavier is in the lineup room on the happy side of the one-way mirror and he doesn’t identify Billie Trump. He says, “I can’t do this.” We’re supposed to think he’s overcome with fear and can’t ID her. BUT. It’s never that simple. Nick calls in Monroe and Rosalee to convince him to do it.

And they’re happy to do it since there’s an impromptu Wesen town meeting at the Spice Shop happening. The Grimm-adjacent Wesen realized that every shop targeted in the mayhem was Wesen-owned. And they’re scared. And they know it’s other Wesen doing it.

After Xavier identifies Billie Trump, Nick and Hank question her. After Grimming it up and convincing her she’s either dying or going to jail, she names Dallas Cruz. They set up a sting. Kinda.

While they – Nick, Hank, Wu, Renard, and Monroe – are en route to catch Dallas, Rosalee drives Xavier home. And once again, he’s asked about how he got away and he fumbles the ball and Rosalee is like “Hell Naw! I’ve been married for two and a half minutes, muhfucker! My husband is there IN THE AMBUSH YOU SET UP!” So she knocks him out. Twice.

Nick’s spidey sense is going off when Rosalee calls Monroe like “It’s a cookbook!” but it’s too late. The whole crew is surrounded. They duck into a building and lock themselves in a small room. Not a good plan, but death in 5 minutes is usually better than death now. And it does seem like death is imminent… until they start hearing people die outside. Inexplicably.

Nick decides to go investigate. Luckily the PoC characters stayed safe in that room. Word.

Nick gets attacked and right as he’s about to get his ass beat, a Wesen flies into the air, a hand turns, and the body falls. And then, Juliette, looking like the love child of Phoenix and Vivian Ward AKA Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman steps out the shadows like Hexenbeist, what?!

Wig game is tight with the Hexenbeists.


So many questions: When will Nick find out that Trubel knew about Juliete this whole time? When will Adalind find out that Meisner has her kid and Trubel knew about that the whole time too? Who will be the first to get an ass-beating: Trubel for keeping all these shady ass secrets, or Adalind for pushing up on Juliette’s ex-fiance? Who was the graphic designer for the Uprising logo? (I need new business cards.) When will Renard take his shirt off again?

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