GTA Online Heists Trailer


Hey guys! Remember that online mode that Rockstar hyped up for GTA 5 over a year ago but instead gave us false promises, shitty themed updates (Beach Bum, Business, Flight School?…really?), repetitive weaponry (“Oh look, another sniper rifle! -____-), an unnecessary first person mode (If I wanted to play COD, I’d just play COD) and a next gen version of the game WITH THE SAME EXACT CONTENT AT FULL PRICE EVEN IF YOU OWN THE LAST GEN VERSION?!?!

Rockstar PR: Hey guys! If you spend another $60 of your hard earned real money to pre-order the exact same game you bought last year, you’ll get 500,000 virtual currency. Doesn’t that seem fair?

It seems that after sitting on their ass for 456 days, Rockstar Games finally comes through on their promise with their official trailer/announcement for GTA Heists. Now I’ll be giving this mode a whirl come it’s release, but I have to keep it real and tell you all that I’m not looking forward to micromanaging the Doritos eating, Mountain Dew drinking, ADHD, Call of Duty crowd that still inhabits this game. So check out the trailer and give your thoughts in the comment section below.

R U Still Down?

Me waiting for GTA Heists to arrive


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