Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19 Review

Writer: Robert Venditti / Artist: V Ken Marion / DC Comics

This is one of those issues that I appreciate more in theory than in execution. This part of the Prism of Time story arc turns away from the uneasy truce among the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps and focuses on a new threat. I don’t know if this is an attempt to replace Sinestro as the new big bad of the comic or what, but I’d like this new villain a lot better if they’d spent more time showing than telling. It seems like the book spent more time concerned with telling us how badass he is (through other characters and himself) than showing us how badass he is.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 2.45.56 PM

Honestly, I sort of wished Venditti would have gone complete detour and done a whole issue focused on the team-up between Gorin Sunn and Space Ape. This book would benefit from dedicating certain adventures to highlighting specific unknown Lanterns to taking time away from Hal and Kyle, who both seem shoehorned into this issue. It’s not that they’re completely useless. After all, we at least get some construct badassery from Hal, but Kyle has a moment in the script toward the end that seems sort of out of place. As for the artwork, it’s not that V Ken Marion’s work is bad, per se.

It’s that, in this case, there was something that felt rushed and unfinished about the facial features in a few panels. It’s also worth mention that there are a few moments when the faces look spot on and really bring the dialogue to life, but 50/50 on the hit or miss scale feels low when we’ve been spoiled with the visual genius of Rafa Sandoval previously.

Bottom Line: Readable, competently plotted, but not this book’s best moment.

6.5 Mark Strong Sinestro foreheads out of 10

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