Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #41 Review

green lantern 41
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Writer: Robert Venditti / Artist: Brandon Peterson / DC Comics

Issue 41 brings the whole “GLC vs. Planet Zod” to a slightly unexpected conclusion with Hal joining the fray as the Corps wages an all out assault on the Family Zod. It hits all the beats I commonly love about a Venditti Green Lantern book. The tough talk, one liners and banter that comes part and parcel with the bonds of war is all there and as entertaining as ever, but the real draw of this issue is the resolution of the conflict and how it calls into question the extent of a Green Lantern’s authority and when to enforce it. In fact, one could say that the story draws parallels to concepts of militarization and foreign policies that America tends to be a discussion centerpiece for, but you didn’t click on this review to have that conversation so I’ll refrain this time.

green lantern 41
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Anyway, Venditti delivers on a story that calls into question the future of the Corps as threats on several fronts seem to wait in the wings. Brandon Peterson’s artwork manages to make good on the sort of epic scale that Venditti’s script promises. Right out of the gate, we get a gorgeous splash of Hal and Zod coming to blows that has the sort of energy that blasts right off the page in the way we’ve come to expect in just about every issue of this book. He spares no expense to give us gorgeous constructs and copious amounts of collateral damage. Dare I say, this issue features some of the best artwork the series has seen yet and considering the job Rafa Sandoval has done in past issues, that means Peterson is breathing some rarified air.

Bottom Line: Venditti and Peterson join forces to bring us a beautifully drawn book that hits you upside the head with blockbuster action seasoned with cultural relevance. Whether you’re a longtime or entry level GL fan, this book is a winner.

8.5 Justice League Deleted Scenes out of 10

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