Hate it had to be you Vol. 1: Avengers Undercover

“Avengers Undercover bout to be cackled and thrown into the bin,
Avengers Undercover my comic I hate it had to be them”

Yeah man… If you don’t know bout Avengers undercover lemme learn you real fast

This is the book that takes place after Avengers Arena. Long story short it was Marvel’s version of Battle Royale / Hunger Games. Arcade (f-list villain) captures a bunch of kids and makes them fight to death on an inescapable island with cameras rolling. This deals with the aftermath of that. Cullen Bloodstone (one of the survivors) has a plan to take Arcade the fuck out the game. Cullen talking about, “No more quarters sun. YOU DONE”.


What happens is a murder that places the survivors, Cullen Bloodstone, Hazmat, Death Locket, Chase, Nico Anachronism and Cammi in with the bad guys. I’m talking Baron Zemo, Damion Hellstorm, and Madam Masque level bad. They are inducted into the society of how the villains are living and its pretty simple. The feel of the book is that villains aren’t actually evil. this is just the job (one they happen to be good at), the majority of the time they are hanging out, playing games, and then dropping into the zone to get their henchmen/woman on.

This book takes a dive into these teens being surrounded by freedom to be who the world has already prepped them to be. The big choice becomes, “what do we do?”. Be the bad guys or stick it out and go undercover and still be the good guys. This book was a great look at the tether between what makes one choose a side.

We see Baron Zemo’s crew making the choice so easy for some of the members as they are being trained into their powers in some case, offered friendship and not shunned based on their appearances or horrid pasts. Speaking of pasts there are a few surprises that are throwbacks to the original series which comes into play (spooooileeer)


The book is one issue away from ending and I am all sad in the chest about that. This is really a book that flew under the radar but was getting great reviews each issue. Seeing who takes what side and who holds onto their morals was perfect. Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker were really doing the Tag Team work on this shit heavy. They were out there like the Hardy Boyz giving you that top shelve action and visuals.


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Truly there is only so long they could act undercover and keep it running as a series. the characters are just so great and I love seeing them back in use again with a volume 2 of adventures that brings them back together. A lot of their past comes into play which takes place before being stuck on the island together (again, I’m talking way back to original series like “The Runaways”) which shows how this creative team did their homework.

Bottom Line… Avengers Arena is/was glorified greatness but y’all gotta get that Rue salute

Hate it had to be yall man.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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