Hawkeye #10 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Leonardo Romero / Marvel Comics

I love this book so much, man. I’m saying, you not getting this good shit from your other favorite book like you getting it from right here homie. You know shit about to get real when you open up the page and Kate Bishop gettin’ the nails did, hair did, and surprises the squad with the freak’em dress on about ready to be struttin’ around town. Bishop is ready to go and get the stress out from all that she’s been dealing with — including the threat from her father, Madam Masque, the mystery behind her moms disappearance, latent super abilities — you know the typical shit. Seeing Kate with her squad looks good, and it’s such a rare reminder to see a cast where the white lead is the minority among a group with lines and personalities.

Once Kate arrives with her squad in the club, the antics ensue. I ain’t goin’ say nothing but let’s just say Bishop out here getting out of pocket. Romero perfectly captures the feeling of the club through the art and Jordie Bellaire murdered this whole atmosphere with the colors. The loud talking between the characters over the music is another great touch of art imitating life. The entire book becomes very vibrant in the lighting for the club and the reader starts to see the reason behind Kate being so out of wack. Madam Masque is taking her well-timed revenge on Bishop using the same cloning techniques as Bishop’s dad.

When we see where the real Kate is, the pieces come together as she plots her escape. Listen, Romero’s fight scenes with Kate Bishop are really standing out melee-wise. Kate Bishop out here doing leg sweeps and Rock Lee’s initial kick before the primary lotus. I live. Again, Jordie Bellaire out here setting the mood with these colors man. Once them lights go Splinter Cell, Kate Bishop starts putting that work in. There’s not enough good things I can even say about Hawkeye as a title. Not reading Hawkeye is like missing the game winning catch in the big high school football game, it’ll haunt you for all your days til you redeem yourself (that’s not about me, I ran track).

9.8 Strangers In My House out of 10

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