Hawkeye #16 Review

Hawkeye #16

Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Leonardo Romero / Marvel Comics

“Harder than y’all cause I’m smarter than y’all
I know that deep down it’s got to be bothering y’all”- Yasiin Bey

I feel like we need some music to settle into this review since we’ve reached the end of the road for Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye run. Lemme rephrase that, Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero have crossed the finish line in spectacular fashion after receiving the baton pass on Hawkeye. Kate and Clint are suffering enemy fire in a bad way. Our heroes are stuck and Kate Bishop must put her trust in her father to help and do the right thing. Yeah, things are that bad buddy.

The heart of this issue lies with Hawkeye and Kate Bishop’s chemistry. The snarky comments were non stop last issue. This issue we see Clint deferring to Kate for the plan. It should be known that Kate Bishop has the best worst plans ever. The fact that Clint is always ready to ride out on a plan shows why these two work so well together. Clint and Kate have the most dynamic mentor-mentee / partnership in Marvel. They know each other, annoy each other (mostly Clint), disappoint one another (Clint again), but always come through when shit goes down.

Ain’t nobody seeing Hawkeye(s) on this bow and arrow shit

Hawkeye #16 Review

The final battle doesn’t see much of our villains getting into the thick of the fray scrapping. That’s for good reason, Kate and Clint out here stomping folks out, man. Bishop’s unique Hawkeye vision focus is a signature ability point-of-view that never gets old. That’s always my favorite part of a Leonardo Romero fight scene (aside from the bodies stacking). Romero’s art makes Bishop look unique and provides the series with a feel of its own. It’s easy to take Romero’s ability for granted cause dude doesn’t half step on any issue. Jordie Bellaire’s inks are the nail in the coffin that make the series look fresh with every turn of the page.

The wrap-up of the series is different. You can almost see the approach coming as Thompson has Kate Bishop defying the usual hero fight tropes. The big surprises lay in some… left turns that you will not see coming. The best part is this isn’t an ending as much as it is a new chapter (what a relief).

Jerseys in the rafters

Hawkeye #16 Review
When you talk about the world building of Hawkeye, you can’t just name Matt Fraction and David Aja. You gotta put Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and Jordie Bellaire’s jersey’s in the rafters, too. This creative team was the perfect relay team. The baton pass was flawless and Kelly Thompson anchored this team on some (insert your favorite speedster) shit.

Thompson proves in Hawkeye she can write any character you throw at her with humor and depth. Period. Leonardo Romero ain’t nothing to be fucked with on art and fight scenes. Period. You not seeing Jordie Bellaire on inks, colors, or certain witchy projects. Period. You better put respect on the name of this creative team whenever Hawkeye is mentioned, they kept the fandom alive and thriving. I got nothing but respect for artistic faves.

8.9 Missed opportunities for renter’s insurance out of 10

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