Writer: Mariko Tamaki / Artist: Nico Leon / Marvel Comics

We are three issues deep into Jen Walters new Hulk series and the game is afoot. There is no Hulk transformation this issue which is to be expected but the story telling is setting up for the long game. There are still more layers to pull back with Walter’s change due to trauma. We get just how much of a change there is with an appearance from her bestie Patsy Walker aka Hellcat. Patsy and Jen been through a lot but now Jen is avoiding her due to her new circumstances.

Walters is a person that always took pride in helping others and being there for people that need it which makes her a rare unicorn of a lawyer that’s genuine [shout out to Geoff Trenchard]. As she immerses herself in work to run from her trauma we see that but we also see that it’s way easier for her to give help then it is to accept it or admit to needing it. As Walters delves more into her client Brewn’s case we see how similar they are. Brewn was loving life and her business until her bussiness cohort hired dudes to assault her in order to kill her and sell the company. Brewn has now become a recluse to her apartment as well as having gone through some type of transformation…and apparently having some murderous entity as a roommate that strikes yet again.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 7.49.46 PM

The art is great this issue and I’ve noticed that there is usually a stand out panel that breaks away from every other in ever issue. If we take a look at that shot in the elevator with Jen confessing why she is ducking Patsy as she sees who she use to be that is nothing but pure bars. The reader can relate to that moment regardless of having experienced trauma, depression, or just life in fucking general. It’s those hard truth moments that makes this series. There’s another scene showing Walters eyes lighting up and realizing she is triggered just by hearing references to Civil War or Bruce which not only comes across as visually glaring but is a reflection the era we’re in recognizing and giving name to that which shakes us up.

Again, Hulk is a series that’s taking the long game before the reveal of Jen Walters transformation. This makes sense as once Jen transforms that’s a whole new character we’ll need to unpack in multiple ways. The intrigue continues for Jen Walter’s journey into uncharted territory.

8.5 Random Scents out of 10

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