Infinity War: Iron Hammer #1 Review

Infinity War: Iron Hammer #1 is an origin story through and through. The opening page features a glorious image of that boy looking menacing and mighty, but we quickly backtrack to the start of his existence and are given a solid look at how he came to be. The issue starts off a bit iffy, but as you dive deeper into this backstory, Al Ewing’s writing makes for an enjoyable tale of discovery and revival.

Gamora has folded the universe in half and left Earth looking like mashup cosplay. Some of these hybrid heroes have the makings of fun new characters and others look like a bad ‘You can only pick two’ meme on that annoying Instagram page. Lucky for us, this hero is the former.

Iron Man: Iron Hammer #1

Sigurd Stark is Europe’s 5th richest man and 3rd best looking. High praise for a man with total amnesia. As the story goes, Stark wondered out of a storm with no recollection of a dam thing but an understanding of all technology in the history of man. Decent premise. I can bangs wit it, and that’s not even the good part of this Iron Hammer come up story!

As the book progresses, Stark embarks on a journey that leaves him in a dire predicament with an unexpected companion. Much of this situation takes place where Stark is most at home, in a ravenous storm. Ramon Rosanas does great work with both sides of his setting spectrum. There is the bleak, icy panels that send shivers down your spine and the warm and toasty contrast that gives you hope Stark will make the most of the lemons thrown his way.

Iron Man: Iron Hammer #1

Iron Hammer #1 was a fun issue that didn’t require much any knowledge of the savage Gamora gauntlet move. Any reader could pick this one up and enjoy the ride without fear of missing out on any of the build up. Al Ewing comes through with a way to tell an origin story that doesn’t feel forced and Rosanas crushes his amazing designs for the Asguardian x Iron suit look.

7.5 Cold Iron Forged Hammers out of 10

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