Long Lost Book 2 #3 Review

Writer: Matthew Erman / Artist: Lisa Sterle / Scout Comics

Piper finding herself in the place we only know as The Sound, with this woman that isn’t quite her mother and not quite a person, but close enough–can be seen as a blessing in some very ironic type of way. Neither she or her sister have seen their mother since that fateful night where she was taken away and regardless of her reasons or whatever she was working to keep away from the girls–Piper now has the time and space to tell her mother what’s good: she’s not off the hook for her actions and her disappearance that has impacted her daughters and family. It’s a astounding moment that bleeds into a few more panels with dialogue that doesn’t sound forced or stunted. More calm and collected now then in previous issues when scary and serious sh%t has hit the fan, Piper doesn’t feel in danger from this version of her mother and it is the mention of a name that from her lips that drops a bomb on her from her mom: a revelation that effectively drops us back into the pool of shock and dread.

Brb. Crying over Pockets. I feel like I’ve locked myself in a room. Doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers to keep from tweeting the creative team every issue about this damn dog.

Her escape from that place with something awful at her heels brings this new tier of action: the black colored text boxes with the flowery prose that serves as letter, a message written by their mother God knows how long ago–that follows along these pages. It’s a jarring experience that pulls at your heart strings–Sterle commits to pages with art that if I were reading a physical copy of this issue would have me dropping it in fright from the intensity of the first half of this book. Speaking of the art…the second half of this book just stays on its bullshit: more of the townsfolk in their macabre transformations and these other…characters that have a very important task to complete now that their special guest has arrived. The dark and dreary coloring that is a constant as background for this narrative is a lovely compliment to the art. The farther and farther I read, the more I felt sucked into this story, the closer to no return.

It seems like everyone is looking for someone or something: Piper and Francis are searching for each other, and Johanna is searching for the means to recreate everything she knows by her own hand, there’s a group looking to avenge their kin and put away the one who took them–families of all kinds are trying to come together again and no one can be lost for too long. A light reckons to the mountain in the dark night and I’m not sure what’s coming rebirth, redemption or worse. Much worse. This is one of Long Lost‘s best issue yet that has been better paced with the connective tissue linking together much heart break and resolve.

9.2 Words of Peace In The Mountain

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