Inhuman #12 Review

writer: Charles Soule / artist: Ryan Stegman / Marvel Comics

A handful of varying storylines converge in issue 12 of Marvel’s Inhuman series as the latest conflict comes to a head. All of the new Inhumans – given the reserved title of “Nuhumans” – that we’ve gotten to meet (Inferno, Flint, Frank, Naja) have been brought together into one place, New Attilan. Along with them comes the most familiar faces of the race in the form of royalty, Medusa and Black Bolt.

The conflict surrounding Black Bolt’s sudden disappearance, Medusa’s maintenance of New Attilan in his absence, and the introduction of brand new Inhumans all came into play in this issue. No matter who your favorite character has revealed themselves to be during this run, they all get a moment of their own; whether it’s Dante (Inferno) showing his growth in his abilities, Frank fighting for his newly claimed home, Medusa standing her ground against her absent husband, or Iso showing that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about royalty.

This issue shows us the full-out war that’s on the brink of starting after Reader takes advantage of Medusa’s declaration that any Inhuman can obtain salvation in New Attilan. With the Capo of Ennilux hot on their trail, he brings Iso to the off-shore city in hopes that they can keep her safe.

This issue also came with reaffirmation that Black Bolt is on a completely different level when it comes to those hand skills. Without batting an eyelash, this man took on an army of (relatively normal) soldiers and let everyone just watch like it was the fourth quarter of a powderpuff football game. Then came the real fight. After changing everyone’s lives forever and disappearing with no explanation, Black Bolt had to face the wrath of the queen that he left behind. After some “healthy discussion,” Black Bolt conceded his throne to Medusa and allows her to rule New Attilan in peace and tears of frustration.


First off, this is one of those covers that I’d have framed. Huge shoutouts to Richard Isanove on that one. If I cold find your twitter you’d get a follow. The only problem with such a powerful cover, which shows Medusa and Black Bolt fighting with no concern of their surroundings, is that the fight has to match the hype the cover builds up. Was that achieved? YEP! Other than that, I really enjoyed seeing the development of the characters I met as early as issue number 1. I find it believable that they maintain their personal growth when I’m not watching.


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