Writer: Brian Bendis / Artist: Mike Deodato / Marvel Comics

Invincible Iron Man has been a refreshingly fun, interesting take from Brian Bendis on the Armored Avenger. The lion’s share of it reads like equal parts FX dramedy series and superhero romp. It makes sense that Bendis would knock an Iron Man book out of the park considering the character has been a big part of much of his Marvel work in one fashion or another for fifteen years now. Now, as the mystery of the latest storyline continues to unfold, things get truly tense.

Invincible Iron Man #10 Panel

As of Issue #10, Tony Stark, thought dead to many, is deep undercover, trying to root out of cabal of cyber ninjas in Japan. That much on its own should be more than enough to sign anyone up for this espionage laden techno joyride. It’s really the “Meanwhile, at Stark Industries” stuff that’s beginning to stall. Friday is proving to be an entertaining, resourceful character, but honestly, I’d like to see a little more development with Mary Jane Watson’s reluctance to be Tony’s new Pepper Potts. I like the idea of someone who’s basically had her fill of superheroes ruining her life being back on the beat. Meanwhile, our new up and coming heroine hasn’t developed much in these two issues so far, but she’s still plenty of fun so far.

Visually, Mike Deodato is always on point. This time around, his characters feel slightly stiff, but even at 70% quality, he’s still better than a lot of the artists out there at the moment, so it’s excusable.

Bottom Line: It’s slower in some places than others, but Bendis is still managing to churn out a fun Iron Man book that deserves to stay in your monthly rotation.

8 Jackpots out of 10

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