Writer: Mark Waid // Artist: Mattia De Iulis // MARVEL

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DAAAAAAAAAAMN. You ever got caught in the cross-fire and have to choose between death or morality?
Yikes. They caught the Invisible Woman in a sticky situation. Sue’s search for her good friend and partner-in-crime came to a dramatic turn of events in our last issue. Aidan, now open for betrayal on the count of selfish motives, has Susan trapped without sight. The Waid/De Iulis team did an amazing job bringing the reader into Sue’s experience. They allowed the reader to move from the initial shock and experience the range of emotions as she was being held hostage.

I loved the playfulness with color the artists incorporated that brought me into the mission. The darkness, along with the slow reveal, served as a metaphorical representation to the knowledge that Sue gained over the course of her mission. Using darkness and various shades of gray to represent thoughts and body outlines allows readers to seep into the world of characters beyond their knowledge. When it comes to the secrecy of spy work, knowledge is an important weapon that can easily be turned if not held with a steady hand.

I appreciated the creative team’s eye and I trusted them on my journey through their project.

They used the art and text to provide and revoke privileges from the reader, without reducing the experience. The suspense in this issue of Invisible Woman had me rooting and cringing for Sue, asking the God forsaken question “Where is Black Widow?!” If you’re interested in getting to know Sue Storm-Richards better, this is the best issue to do it. We get to see Sue highlight her weaknesses and combat them. I hope that the creative team uses the stakes they have created to further gray the likelihood of success. This would be a beautiful way to introduce a line of consequences for the reader. It would be a beautiful way to revoke knowledge from the reader to further add onto the ideology behind knowledge as a weapon for spies. I want Sue to reveal something to me that she knew all along, but we didn’t. Something that brings out her true smarts that make me go “Iigh I always knew the Invisible Woman was a G”.
9.6 Forces to be Reckoned with out of 10

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