Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #11 Review

writer and artist: Kaare Kyle Andrews / Marvel Comics

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m getting repetitive, but in the case of Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, this is a good problem to have. Kaare Kyle Andrews has had one of the most consistently strong books in Marvel’s arsenal that not nearly enough people are talking about. This is basically everything you like about kung fu movies rolled up into one explosive falcon punch.

This week, things have taken a bizarre turn as The One (aka the embodiment of all of Danny Rand’s daddy issues) attempted to unlock the gates between life and death to bring back his love, but unleashed something far worse upon the mortal world. So, now it’s up to the Living Weapon of K’un Lun to atone for the sins of the father. Andrews seems to improve with every issue when it comes to toggling between exposition and action beats taking place all virtually at the same time. He manages to call back to the history of the Iron Fist established by past runs on the book and use that history to offer us something new. Long-time Iron Fist fans will  squeal with joy at the way our hero gets his groove back. And the artwork?


I shouldn’t even have to review the artwork. Andrews has been just plain showing off for the past three issues now. It’s amazing how the guy takes a limited color palette and innovates in a way that some people who have far more to work with haven’t figured out. As busy as certain pages in the book get, he still always ends up delivering a clean book that never gets you too lost in all the action going on at once.

Bottom Line: This issue is easily one of the best in a series that has become one of the best in Iron Fist’s history. 9 out of 10.


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