Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #12 Review

writer: Kaare Andrews / artist: Kaare Andrews / Marvel Comics

We’ve spent a year alongside Marvel’s epic kung fu saga and we’ve finally come to the end of Kaare Kyle Andrews’ mythos-altering tenure on one of the most under-appreciated superheroes in Marvel’s arsenal. The series has had its share of slow moments but has, thus far, stood firm as a solid addition to the pantheon of stand out Iron Fist titles. But does the series manage to stick the dismount?

Issue 12 ultimately serves as more of a prologue than anything else since Andrews gave us the real climax in issue 11. After two or three issues of putting the petal to the floor, it makes sense to dedicate one book to simply closing accounts and tying off loose ends. For the most part, Andrews does all this fairly neatly while still leaving us with one little surprise to keep us on our toes. The transition from the dark, emotionally-detached Iron Fist to the happy go lucky Danny Rand most readers are used to ends up being a smooth one. As it turns out, this series is less about putting a tougher, more badass face on an old hero and more about a man losing his way and returning to the one we always knew. Also, Andrews has yet to slouch in the art department. He has one of the most unique ways of manipulating silhouettes I’ve ever seen. His usage of a shadow mixed with his color palette of choice delivers emotionally on every page and serves this issue’s reveal very well.

Bottom Line: If the point of this issue was to ensure that we’d miss Kaare Andrews writing this book for the foreseeable future, mission accomplished. 8.5 out of 10.

Iron Fist - The End


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