Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter Seventy Five

Jane The Virgin

What a nice break…but let’s get back to business. Last we saw Petra was having wet dreams about Lawyer Jane and Xiomara was thinking about a career change. Rogelio had just gotten River Fields (Brooke Shields) attacked by a wolf. Alba was struggling with love and intimacy at her age and Jane and Rafael were knocking boots in the shower -phew!

Xiomara and Rogelio and Baby

Rogelio is trying to find any co-host BUT River Fields (Brooke Shields) to work on the American version of Passions of Santos. The network wants Eva Longoria if they can’t have River, so Rogelio begins the search, calling people left and right because he just can’t find a connection to Eva. Then he sees in a television show that Eva has the same distant relative as Rogelio. With this in, he gets a lunch with her. Eva Longoria is hilarious – winking at the screen – “Oh something is in my eye” she calls Rogelio an unknown! She has three assistants that do the talking for her, oh and she’s pregnant. Pretty sure she was pregnant in real life, doesn’t make sense in the story plot for her to be fake pregnant.

At their test shoot, they are chatting it up before they start rolling and stumble on the fact that they are not distant cousins – THEY ARE COUSINS! The Chemistry is non-existent after that, I mean them kissing on screen for the Passions of Santos was no longer appealing.

Jane The Virgin

Xiomara is still teaching dance classes while looking into her new venture. As she is headed out a good looking man picks her up. Apparently, she is carpooling with the man who teaches hip-hop dance at the studio….

While seeing Jane at the Villanueva house, Xiomara mentions going back to school, she had picked up a booklet and was interested in a couple classes. Jane is all about it and convinces her to audit a class for the day, just sit in and see if she likes it. In the class, they are using a lot of jargon, speaking about philosophies and things Xiomara has not had experience with and feels a bit uncomfortable. For some reason, the teacher asks her sitting waaaay in the back what she thinks and she is like “oh I’m just auditing” but this man presses her some more. I’m like out of all these students engaged, you ask me, also why would I know anything, I just got here! It’s not a surprise that after that experience Xo is less than enthusiastic about school. That’s such a pet peeve of mine about school, teachers and systems make so many people feel insecure about their capability and feel their type of intelligence does not matter and get deterred from school. I feel like Xo will go back though.

Jane The Virgin

She comes home to tell Rogelio about it and Rogelio is in panic mode. He tries to get Xo to watch Baby while he flies to NYC to beg River Shields to be his co-star and she flips out, saying he is being so selfish. To be honest – it was bad timing cuz she was going into how the class really made her feel insecure and Ro just kinda moved on. But I feel like her reaction was not just about this moment, like something else is going on. Xo storms out and we see her go to the guys house who teaches Hip Hop dance…What the deuce??


This episode we see Alba getting to be Abuela. Going to work, asking to borrow a book and falling asleep while reading. Walking in and Jane and Rafael trying to make up excuses about why they are sweaty… I enjoyed seeing Alba be Alba this episode, her not stressing and just living. Probably has a new lease on life with the new toys she got 😉

Petra + Lawyer Jane

At brunch, we see the family all together, but Rafael…he’s still not associating with Petra at this time due to the whole leaving his sister in rehab when she knew she wasn’t hallucinating. The sad thing is, the kids really miss him at brunch. Then Petra gets arrested at Brunch! At the precinct the JANE’s MEET! Yay! Lawyer Jane is there to bail Petra out and Jane is there for moral support. Petra is released and both Jane’s stand up and Lawyer Jane was like, you must be Jane… then Petra is like wth and Lawyer Jane tells her about the screws and says,“I’m going to get you off Petra” awkward after the sex dream (lol).

Jane The Virgin

Later, Lawyer Jane reveals that she has been working to get Petra sentenced to prison.
It was so honest though! Lawyer Jane had a client in the past who had killed her abuser and was about to get life in prison for it. She fudged evidence so her client wouldn’t go to jail, and this blackmailer said she would expose her if she didn’t help put Petra away.

Lawyer Jane got the planted screws made inadmissible to try to make amends and promised she only wants to help prove her innocence. But Petra is Petra and says she’s gonna get her disbarred. Lawyer Jane even gives Petra everything she had in her files for the case. Sometimes Petra’s pride is unbearable, I mean don’t forgive her right away, but disbarred?? Then Petra notices that the security footage shows the intruder planting the screws with their right hand and her mother doesn’t have a right hand.
Now Petra tells Lawyer Jane this and is very stern about Lawyer Jane winning back her trust. They devise a plan to sus out who this mystery person is, sending a text message making the blackmailer believe Lawyer Jane is back in.

Jane The Virgin

Jane + Everything

Rafael and Jane having sex everywhere but hiding it because they are just not ready to say that they are officially dating. So… in the bedroom at the Villanueva house and telling Alba that she had just gone for a run…in a sundress. Or in her room when she isn’t supposed to be home then hiding in the closet half-naked while Alba reads a book. Or telling her mom that Rafael was helping her fix a drawer and she pulled a muscle doing it. All I’m saying is they are not slick, I was surprised that Xiomara didn’t out then right at that moment, cuz I know she HAS to know.

Jane The Virgin

In the professional world, they put a pin in Petra’s book cuz of Petra’s murder charges – Jane freaks out cuz she quit her job for this! Also, Jane quit her job for this? Did they get an advance once the book proposal was accepted, why did she quit her job? Anyways there was a little huddle at the Villanueva dining table as a collective the job hunt begins. Xiomara looking at classes, Rafael taking another crack at the search and Jane thinks about teaching again! She talks to her prior advisor at her grad program about where to go. Her advisor says she heard of something in a department where Jane’s old counselor is the head. Chavez, the old counselor she tried to lose her virginity too and it did not end well.

Luckily the interview went great – she just put the awkward out there! AAAAnnd it was fine. But later – she sees him kissing one of his students! After some digging (as usual) Jane finds out that Chavez hooked up with four other students. Of course, Jane has to wrestle with saying something to the student or just letting it be. Sometimes I want Jane to stay out of it – and then I have to remember she really does care about the well being of everyone! So… I consider her butting in cuz you know you gotta expose trash dudes.

Jane The Virgin

Looking a little deeper, it seems Jane may be coming from a more self-interested place. She might be feeling a certain way because she felt she wasn’t special to Chavez when they had their fling. During her guest lecturer class (basically final interview for the position) the student who kissed Chavez is in the class. She can’t stop looking at her and definitely makes the student super uncomfortable. After the class she tries to talk to her in a very weird roundabout way on teacher-student relationships then trips and touches her boobs. There is no other way to make this moment more novela.

Jane is then in a private meeting with an administrator and Chavez and in her conversation alluding to her issue of student-teacher relationships. AAAAnd she didn’t get the job – which is why I felt like she should stay out of it. But in the end, Jane did warn the grad student and it looked like it really did help her. It also showed Jane that the teaching job isn’t meant to be, and she truly just wants to live her dream of being a writer.

On the other job search front, Rafael buys land to build and manage a new hotel? Got swindled and taken advantage of – But then it’s ok? I guess my Shark Tank knowledge left me confused about how that’s ok….but he learns a valuable lesson about his skills and experience. Then whoa – they decide to tell the fam they are dating!

We’ll see how the family takes it… fine I’m sure. Catch us next time on Jane the not so secret lover.

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