Jessica Jones is Another Marvel Club Banger

Jessica Jones is the latest Marvel Netflix show, which you should have already seen by now. If you haven’t seen it then go see it before Killgrave makes you watch it till your eyes bleed. So Jessica Jones is a 13 episode series that’s based on the Alias comic book series which is also pretty amazing so you should try to find it at your local comic book store. Or steal them from someone you don’t like, I won’t snitch on you.

Jessica Jones is a follow up to Marvel’s last Netflix show Daredevil which was also amazing. Basically so far everything Marvel has done with Netflix has been amazing. So let’s get into why Jessica Jones is amazing in a different way than Daredevil was.

*Disclaimer there will be minor spoilers but no key plot points will be discussed*

While Daredevil is regarded and remembered and basically idolized for its fight choreography, it also had a nice contrast in the show. Matt Murdock was Daredevil and a lawyer so throughout the show each episode had different feelings to them without feeling out of place. Ultimately in that show we were waiting to see how and what would specifically turn him into the Daredevil that we knew he would eventually become. It created a feeling of transformation from the somewhat reckless and naive person we saw in the first few episodes to a more calculated fighter. The naive part hasn’t really gone away though, I mean did you SEE his costume? He’s gonna polish that up.

The show was about Matt’s transformation into Daredevil and showing him walking that fine line of right and wrong that Daredevil always walks on perfectly while sometimes taking a step further on one of those sides. That show also had a great villain in Kingpin(Wilson Fisk) someone give Vincent D’Onofrio an award please. Daredevil blended fighting with character study and development very nicely and it never felt like it didn’t know what it wanted to accomplish making it a great start to Marvel’s Netflix greatest hits album.

In contrast Jessica Jones wasn’t really about the fighting. There are very few fight scenes in the show and don’t think that means that it’s boring or anything, it’s quite the contrary. So what we have in Jessica Jones is a woman with powers (which they call gifts) who has a past with the main villain of the show, Killgrave, who can control minds. Now immediately and I mean immediately we’re introduced to one of the themes of the show, PTSD. Jessica is having visions of Killgrave when she tries to sleep and even while she’s wide awake and no one else in the show truly understands what she’s going through at first. Whatever Killgrave did to her in the past hasn’t left her and has noticeably scarred her in a physical and mental way.

The theme of Jessica feeling like she’s getting everyone hurt around her because of her past is another theme that is explored in its entirety. She doesn’t open up to anyone and doesn’t really let anyone in her life for the most part and the show goes very deep with the subject matter. There are also themes of abuse in the show and this show is very mature in general not to mention that it’s a Marvel show.

There aren’t many physical fights in the show because most of the fighting is done internally. Jessica has to fight her own feelings and her own emotions so much it’s a wonder she didn’t just up and leave the city in the first episode. She has to fight her own battle within herself and the battle to stop everyone around her from being caught up in Killgrave’s sadistic plans. With new people like Luke Cage entering her life, it makes her struggle to protect those around her even more dramatic. Speaking of Luke Cage he’s also a “gifted” person with unbreakable skin (with skin tight shirts) and a voice that’s smoother than butter being spread on the toast that anime characters run to school with. That was oddly specific I know, I’ve had some time to think about it.

Every single episode of Jessica Jones ads tension and drama that literally has you begging for more. The story makes twists and turns and even throws a few easter eggs at you if pay attention. Killgrave as a villain is honestly one of the most terrifying villains and this show does an amazing job showcasing why. Mind Control might seem like a trivial thing at first but the freedom of choice and morality is explored to a tee. David Tennant does an amazing job and so far Marvel’s casting for these shows as been S+ (that’s higher than A+). His performance as Killgrave is so good that you’ll want to see more of him even though he’s one of the most sadistic and calculating villains ever (and that’s something that should be pointed out).

Krysten Ritter also does a good job being a sarcastic person who is also emotionally and mentally tormented throughout the show. We knew she would have the sarcastic part down easily but she was also good at portraying the other parts of Jessica’s character. She has her ups and her downs and Krysten Ritter plays her part beautifully.

The supporting cast in the show is also great, whether it’s a neighbor, or a police officer they all have their own stories going on while Jessica’s main story is happening. There are so many things going on at once that each episode is packed with story and there’s never a dull moment. Jessica isn’t the only one who is going through these emotional and sometimes traumatic problems and as the show goes on each character is explored more and given more depth which makes this show completely different from Daredevil. Jessica Jones is solely about the characters and the different issues they face and Jessica’s fight with her inner and outer demons.

She doesn’t consider herself to be a superhero and that’s ok. No matter what she considers herself to be she’s still Jessica Jones and that’s all that matters.The show has an amazing story with plenty of social commentary towards certain issues in society. Marvel and Netflix are on fire and these shows are arguably the best thing that Marvel has going right now. Let’s hope they get that third super hot fire single from the album with the Luke Cage Netflix series.

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