writer: Geoff Johns / artist: Jason Fabok / DC Comics

Ok, this is going to be good. After a thrilling first installment to the Darkseid War in the previous issue, the action sequences are toned down a bit to give a little exposition on who these new players are and why exactly a galactic size war is about to happen between them. We finally found out who the mystery woman from issue #41 was, you know, the one that kicked everyone’s ass, in addition to the mystery woman, Myrina Black, that everyone, including Darkseid himself, wants to find.

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Even with less action happening this time around, all the characters are interesting and have a real purpose in this conflict, leading to a real investment in each of them. Still, what stands out most to me in this storyline is how much of it is centered on the Amazon warriors, which means that Wonder Woman will have a deep personal investment in how this plays out. Some of my favorite moments from the previous Justice League storyline were the moments when Johns centered the action around Diana. So often in Justice League books, Diana is the most formidable weapon, but not necessarily the tip of the spear as far as the storytelling. This particular conflict has the chance to be different than that, and I am here for all of that.

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And, per usual, Fabok’s art on this is spectacular. His ability to create large and foreboding characters that just seem to emit power, even when they aren’t fighting is always on point.
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Another good installment of the Darkseid War which is shaping up to be one of my favorite storylines from this current run of the book (and I really liked the Amazo Virus). And I’m not even gonna mention the big, huge part with Batman. Because you need to see it. Trust me.


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